35 Best Career Counsellor Blogs by Universities

35 Best Career Counsellor Blogs by Universities

There are two major challenges that face students in their daily life. One is how to choose the best career that will suit them. The second which is more of an upward task for many is securing a job after they are done with their course. More often than not, most students end up in jobs that are not their favorite and in most cases jobs not related to what they studied. Thankfully today, the internet is at their disposal to help them overcome these challenges. In this article, I have carefully selected the best 35 career blogs by universities that will guide in into the right job.

#1. The Harvard Office of Career services. Harvard is among the most popular universities around the globe. They are best known especially in Law and business studies. Their blog, which is hosted on Tumblr is a great channel for job seekers and students alike.  

#2. University of Oregon: Career Service Blog. The UOG career blog is all about business. The blog has tons of jobs and internship opportunities that are updated on daily bases.  

#3. University of Michigan school of Information: Career Services Blog. This blog is purely for an Undergraduate job and internship seekers. The blog has great information to look out for.  

#4. Davidson College Center for Career Development Blog. This wonderful blog for students of Davidson College provides students with lots of information on career advice, job opportunities and extras like interviewing. 

#5. Career Services Blog: Fordham University. Provides students with a wide range of subjects. Fordham blog also includes mentorship programs and also networking to link students with those already in the jobs.

#6. University of Delaware Career Centre Blog. A wonderful platform where students share their study experiences abroad as they search through the thousands of jobs and internship opportunities available.  

#7. Husky Career Blog by University of Washington. The blog is beautifully designed and helps companies advertising for jobs link up with students professionally. 

#8. Kansas City Career Blog. University of Missouri One of the best blogs for students in Kansas City. Here you get to interact with fellow job seekers, Alumnus, and companies that will provide you with your next job. 

#9. Irvine career center blog: University of California Here you will find the latest news updates on a career that fall under different topics. You can follow them on social media by clicking on the various icons.  

#10. Career service blog by University Of Minnesota. Is it a job, internship or a contract you are looking for? Well, this blog will meet all your requirements.  

#11. University of Vermont Career blog. Helping all students at any level, from undergrad school to masters’ level. At Vermont, you can never go wrong.  

#12. Tufts career service Ambassador Blog. This awesome blog by Tufts University teaches you all you need to know to be a professor in your field. Here you can to interact with alumni and other professors in different areas.  

#13. Career Blog: Rasmussen College. Learn how to prepare for career fairs, how to have a successful job interview among many other subjects relating to job searching.  

#14. Oregon State University Career service Blog. A much larger blog than many that are available online with an overwhelming list of categories based on internship programs as well as securing a job that will elevate you into greatness. 

#15. Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Career services blog. Get to interact with professionals and learn from their experiences. The blog offers an extensive list of job opportunities in different fields as well as career advice.  

#16. Opportunity Knocks- Ithaca College. This is where college students interact as they explore the opportunities available in the job market. This blog is awesome in that it contests once in a while where students win great prizes like a laptop.

#17. Career Centre Blog: Lawrence University. The blog features some wonderful content with very catchy titles. One of the most common titles is “Unethical Interview questions and how to handle them”. You just have to love this blog. 

#18. Career Centre Staff Blog: Indiana University The user interface for this blog is not very appealing but the content features here is worth paying a visit.  

#19. Career Blog: North Dakota State University. This blog has only been around for roughly three years, but you can be assured of quality content that is up to date and relevant to the current world trends in the job market.

#20. Brock University Career Blog. This blog has a real voice and personality that lacks in most blogs. It creates a platform that engages students with employers.  

#21. Dartmouth Career Center. Meet great leaders in their different fields. Students interact with alumni and other employers. Get to understand the job market well.  

#22. Ulife from University of Pennsylvania. Get the best career advice from alumni’s and students of Penn University.  

#23. Hire a Maverick. This is a wonderful blog from the US Department of States Virtual Foreign Students services. 

#24. Brooklyn Resume Studio. The popular topics in this blog will teach you how to make cover letters, resume writing as well as create a platform that allows you as students to interact directly with employers. 

#25. The University of Nottingham career blog. Specialist in accounting jobs and services. If you have studied accounts and are looking for a job to sustain you, then this is the right blog for you. 

#26. Pioneer Career Blog. The University of Denver. A community of job seekers and employers. Here you will find a list all jobs available in the region in all different topics.  

#27. Careers Blog: The University of Manchester. This is a blog that houses other blogs inside; the content is well organized to meet specific audience such as Undergrad students, post graduate, graduates as well as international jobs seekers. 

#28. University Of Exeter. Career Zone Blogs. Here you are given tips on how to make the most appealing application letters, how to prepare for interviews and advice on how to behave once you have secured the job.

#29. UVA Career Center- University of Virginia. Want you CV to stand out from all other applicants. This is the one stop blog for all your career needs. Here you get real time updates on jobs. 

#30. The Careers Blog-University of Warwick. After graduation, which happens to be a very joyous occasion, most students go back home with a fainted heart not knowing what will follow next, how long they will have to wait to secure a job, if at all they will get and so much more. However, with the careers blog, all your sorrows will be washed away sooner than you can expect.

#31. Bangor University Careers Blog. Get the latest job updates from this blog which you can link your social media accounts so as to get real-time updates.

#32. The University of Colorado Boulder-Career services blog. Venturing into the job market has never been this easy. Interact with the best in your field and secure a job with no time. 

#33. American public University, Career services. The leading career blog in the United States. The bloggers are dedicated to providing you with relevant content that will lead you into your desired career.  

#34. Walden University Career Blog. Get advice on interview tips, cover letter writing and curriculum vitae. 

#35. Duke University Law career center. Find everything you wish to know about the law. Additionally, you will get job updates on other fields.

I hope you will find this article helpful and you will transit comfortably into your desired career.

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