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What Makes a Good Literature Paper?

What Makes a Good Literature Paper?

One of the greatest challenges for all English language majors and writers is literature paper writing. Discussing someone’s work in a critical manner and analyzing plot, characters, and ideas associated with that particular work is more difficult than it seems. For example, sometimes you have to discuss some specific aspect related to some literary work, but you aren’t sure whether you understood it. Before you give up and convince yourself that you and your paper are doomed you should remember that writing (any kind of writing) is a skill that constantly develops. The more you write, the better you will be. To make sure you write a good literature paper, this article provides guidelines that you will find beneficial.


The worst nightmare of every essay writer is creating a work where sentences are choppy, repetitive, and difficult to understand. I have written numerous articles and essays which seemed excellent during the process, but their final versions were all bad. This is why thoroughly reading every work you write and making necessary edits is essential. During proofreading and editing, you can implement some sentence variety strategy (in case you haven’t done so while you were writing) and make your work easy to understand. Sentence variety strategies are important for establishing your writing style and voice which represent your identity. Throughout this post I’m going to provide a useful insight into sentence variety strategies that you can use to improve your works.
Different Ways to Write a Better Essay

Different Ways to Write a Better Essay

Essays are important not only for students who study English language, but also to writers at the same time. Generally, it is assumed that ability to write a quality essay determines whether you can be a good writer or not. Writing an essay involves critical thinking, presenting one’s argument and elaborating it while providing solid evidence that your point of view is based on valid facts. Furthermore, essays also demonstrate your understanding of a particular subject and showcase your vast knowledge. However, the most important characteristic of essay is the “learning” aspect due to the fact it teaches average reader about a real life through the eyes of a person who wrote it. Since essays are extremely important and they will follow you throughout your career, I created a list of different things you should bear in mind to write a high-quality work.
Repeated debut “Of Mice and men Story”, US best-seller over 15 years, written by John Steinbeck

Repeated debut “Of Mice and men Story”, US best-seller over 15 years, written by John Steinbeck

“Of Mice and Men” it is a very famous work, which was written in 1937 by world-known storyteller and famous essay writer John Steinbeck. A long  time ago, the story has been granted with the classic status. “Of Mice and Men” text is so powerful, but it is not as simple as  it may seem when you just begin to read it. Once more a bitter tale about “little” people.
The list of 8 Famous American and World-known essay writers of the 20th century

The list of 8 Famous American and World-known essay writers of the 20th century

They say that there are the writers a separate universe in which they can produce, create their work. An ordinary person is not given the opportunity to know the deep writer’s life, but even every day we see a new crowd of people who stand in line for a new book. Everyone expects a miracle, take a new book with the hope that something wonderful, inexplicably beautiful, willing to drown in a completely different world, a world of fantasies and dreams, which appears to the reader in the next bought book in the various forms: essays, novels, stories, poem.

What are the different types of essays and why use them

Essays are not just short stories describing action or process (Like beloved “How I spent this summer” essay). The work is much more complex. People use essays as a way to analyze, discuss some topics, persuade readers or prove ideas. So each custom essay should be specific and unique depending on purpose and type.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Essay Conclusions

So here we are, your essay is 90% ready and you already feel that pleasant feeling of having the job done. But still, you take your pen, but words just don’t want be written on paper. Have you ever been stuck like that? If you have, it can mean only one thing: you don’t know how to write a conclusion for essay correctly. But we can fix that!
How to write a good essay about qualities

How to write a good essay about qualities

From time to time students are given a task of writing a quality essay. Either it should be a work on your very own traits or your personal hero, this might be a hard work followed by unexpected complications. Do not rush to buy essay, read the statements below firstly. 
A house in Columbus for an essay - good deal

A house in Columbus for an essay - good deal

You’ve probably seen a lot of articles and posts about value of words. However, none of them actually bare information about exact price of some sentence or even text. Well, Tim and Deanna Railing from Columbus state decided to change that. They came up with an opinion that a 250-word essay costs just as much as their 6,200-square-foot home on 4.82 acres of property.
How to format essay. Example MLA, APA essay format

How to format essay. Example MLA, APA essay format

Over the past years, a writing career has grown increasingly popular among people, who’re good at composing creative and well-organized texts. However, the academic writing (essays, research papers, etc.) niche has by now remained pretty challenging, at least for beginners.


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