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Digital Age Challenges

Coursework, Technology, 1 page

Nothing to say here.

industry overview

Essay (Any Type), Sport, 6 pages


Apple inc.

Research Paper, Economics, 7 pages

Thanks so much!!!

Essay on play

Essay (Any Type), English Literature, 3 pages

its ok

Understanding Monopolies

Term Paper, Communications and Media, 4 pages

Writer was prompt and paper was exactly what was asked for. Will use this writer in the future. 5*****

discussion boards

Coursework, Art, 2 pages

Finished before deadline, didn't answer all the questions but accepted it because of my time crunch

poetry analysis

Essay (Any Type), English Literature, 2 pages

good work

Multiple Choice for AP English

Other, English, 1 page

Cancelled by Writer
Great writer!
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Great Client

Review on Jurassic Park the movie (1st one)

Other, Movies, 2 pages

Great author, very well spoken, and gives exactly what you ask for and then some. He gets the job done. Enough said.

role of female authors

Essay (Any Type), English, 1 page

Great writer

Corpus Linguistics

Other, Teacher's Career, 13 pages

Well researched comprehensive work. Would highly recommend this writer.

Patriot Act its provisions on data encryption, data storage and the ways in which it can be used\misused for\against the American public

Research Paper, Computer Science, 9 pages

Cancelled by Customer
The paper style was ok but was late and only half completed. It also was not in topic but more of an overview.

Story or Poem

Creative Writing, English, 6 pages

Cancelled by Customer
he is good if he is works on time by completing the assignment.

Mark Twain's Use of Humor

Research Paper, Literature, 4 pages

Very well written

How Israel Protects Its Boarders

Research Paper, Geography, 8 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Terrible grammar, false facts.

Case Study

Case Study, Philosophy, 3 pages

Cancelled by Customer
The writer did not properly follow all of the instructions. He did not identify the moral agents in paper.
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Stole my hard work. Do not work for this client.

The radical rhetoric in social media during the Arab Spring revolution

Term Paper, English, 10 pages

Cancelled by Customer
did not like the level of writing for the first pages of my order so for that I canceled.

Blue Gold and Wrath of Capital

Book/Movie Review, Sociology, 2 pages

Super quick and followed directions perfectly. Would highly recommend.

compare marriage costume of 3 arab countries

Research Paper, Sociology, 2 pages

he was ok
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Good client

PTSD (Combat Related)

Research Paper, Psychology, 5 pages

Pretty amazing work! I had 6 hours to turn in a six page paper and he did it in 4!!! On top of that it was on a sublect that is controversial in the medical community. I would highly recommend Phd_Prof_Writer for any paper you need! Ken


Essay (Any Type), Law, 2 pages

great job

How does music helps with the field of education

Term Paper, Music, 5 pages

Paper done on time. Meet all requirements. Will use again

Expert Witnesses LAW

Essay (Any Type), Law, 7 pages

Professional, commitment, skillful, he is amazing. try to hire him and you will not regert that decision at all.

Infringement upon the Intellectual Property of US Companies: The problems this Creates for Small Businesses

Research Paper, Law, 10 pages

There were a decent amount of grammatical errors but all in all it was decent. Also, it was done on time.

Human, Animal, and Machine

Essay (Any Type), Communications and Media, 3 pages


Hash tag

Essay (Any Type), Teacher's Career, 1 page

The paper that was wrote was good. My only problem is it was late. It was a short period to write the paper. I specify asked if it can be done on time and the write said yes.

Human Behavior Assignment

Essay (Any Type), Geography, 3 pages

Amazing job.

Dollar Tree, Inc.

Research Paper, Management, 9 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Writer was nice and friendly
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This client is a lunatic, runs away with the paper, 9 pages of my work. This is very unfair and very unprofessional. Do not work for this client.

Case Study Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security Final Draft

Case Study, Computer Science, 2 pages

really good paper will use this writer again.

Philippe Petit (Man on Wire)

Research Paper, English, 4 pages

wow really great paper. i just had to fix som citation because my teacher is picky but other then that great paper