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Microbiology discussion post.

Other, Biology, 1 page

Excellent job, thanks.
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very cooperative and friendly, you are amazing. thank you


Essay (Any Type), Music, 2 pages



Essay (Any Type), Advertising, 1 page

I'll have to say this is the best work completed in my experience with this site.The paper was excellent I will definitely use this writer again and am very impressed with the work I received. Love this writer! Never going with anyone else! thank you.
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very cooperative and friendly

Critical Essay

Essay (Any Type), Creative Writing, 5 pages

Cancelled by Customer
She doesn't like to talk to solve the problem

nursing research analysis on renal disease

Other, Nursing, 3 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Had lots of errors, but she fixed most of them.

Review the assignments on post modernism

Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 2 pages


Management decison

Creative Writing, Management, 2 pages

Writing was followed as asked. Excellent detail in paper and knowledge.

Albrecht Durer

Research Paper, Art, 3 pages

Excellent writer, I like the research paper. Thanks

Media and Society

Research Paper, English, 6 pages

Cancelled by Customer
great writer, but didn't get back to me in time and the paper was due so i had to cancel.
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This customer is escapist. How did he know that I am a great writer without reading my work.....? the world will prove this elsewhere... he's not paid for that job he calls great....

Critical Analysis on a Reading Assessment on the Clasroom Thesis

Essay (Any Type), English, 3 pages

Writer Delivered as promise. Document was well versed.
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Great Client

High Stakes Testing-Remediation

Research Paper, Education, 5 pages

Thak you

Ethical theories

Other, Ethics, 2 pages

Good work thanks

biomarkers in sedimentary facies on mars

Term Paper, Geology, 25 pages

Very timely, and well organized, just a few typos here and there. I definitely recommend. This was a hard paper with very dense material.

Fire Service Law (U.K)

Coursework, Law, 15 pages

Just on time

Persuasive Essay

Essay (Any Type), English, 4 pages

he's pretty considerate and got my essay on time
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Very understanding.....

Compare and contrast "Jane Eyre" and "Oliver Twist"

Term Paper, English Literature, 9 pages

a little bit late but still a very organized and well-written paper sometime the points are not illustrated as detailed as they could be a little bit mistakes has made on the spelling
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Really understanding...I would recommend...I long to work with you again and again...


Research Paper, Chemistry, 10 pages

Cancelled by Customer
the writer did well in the paper. he only left out 1 important detail, but he also didn't use WEB references like instructed. I told him of this but he could not correct it in time, so I had to finish the paper.

english homework assignments

Other, English, 6 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Amazing writer.
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Referred me to a site whose log in details were not correct and refused to upload the questions when I asked for

John Updike

Research Paper, English, 5 pages

I call this guy kobe.... hes clutch af
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Very cooperative...I would recommend for future contracts

Technology and Training Systems

Research Paper, Business, 4 pages

Thank you for the fast service. Paper looks good.

Dance Movement Therapy for Women with Eating Disorders

Other, Psychology, 8 pages

Was very open to feedback, great writing skills, and very timely!

Online Dating

Essay (Any Type), English, 3 pages

Great Job! Thank you

The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Research Paper, American Literature, 4 pages

was very helpful and stayed on topic with my paper. would definitely use again. listened to all instructions as well :)

IT HR system

Research Paper, IT Management, 3 pages

good work
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Good communication

Should Intelligence agencies wiretap the Internet

Research Paper, Internet, 8 pages

Even though this was a long paper he manage to finish it just in time to turn it in. He was in contact through all the process. Will recommend and would give him another assignment if possible!

Biodiversity & Dynamics

Content (Any Type), Biology, 2 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Great quality paper

prosecutorial discretion

Essay (Any Type), Law, 3 pages

Very good work, willing to work with you and takes all feedback. Would definitely recommend and would use again. It was my first time using the site and I did not leave unsatisfied.
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Gives clear instructions and easy to work with. I recommend him to you. Thank you.


Essay (Any Type), English Literature, 6 pages

Cancelled by Customer
It was a 6 page essay due in 4 hours. He got it done, however it was late and i did lose points.

Cultural Diversity

Essay (Any Type), Creative Writing, 2 pages

Very good work! I hope work with you again.

Water Resources and Supply

Other, Engineering, 7 pages

one of the best writers I ever used. Thanks for gooood work
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I learned the virtue of understanding and clarity through!!!