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7 simple edits that`ll Improve your piece of writing


Today, there are many more opportunities for writing than there has ever been before. The penetration of internet use to the masses all over the world has allowed armature writers the opportunity to explore their interest in writing as bloggers, and this requires editing. Similarly, scholars and students must learn editing skills because they have to produce excellent papers.

List of Edits to Improve Quality of Writing

a. Increase spaces between paragraphs

There are many ways of marking the beginning of a paragraph. Leaving of blank spaces between two paragraphs does more than mark the end and beginning of paragraphs, it enables the eyes to focus on what has been written between the spaces. This not only helps lay emphasis on the paragraphs but also makes it easier to read what has been written since the eyes can focus.

b. Use intext highlights

Many times, a writer, especially the one writing for information to the general public, may feel the need to emphasize certain points. Emphasis are best laid by highlighting information the writer considers crucial by using simple formatting tools available in word processors. The highlights may be using bold, italicizing, underlining and many others. Academic writing is more restrictive but these tools can still be used to highlight titles and subtitles.

c. Use Bullets and Numbers

It is good to save the reader from having to go through the drudgery of reading long sentences that actually communicate two or three important points. Since the writer knows what they want to communicate; it would be more prudent to separate the points using bullets and numbers. This makes them more readable.

d. Employ Active Voice in Writing

The use of active voice is more attractive to the reader. Under normal circumstances, people want to know who did what. This is in line with the human inclination to pass judgement on an individual that they may either love them or hate them. When an article is written primarily in passive voice, it usually is not referring to anyone and readers find that uninspiring.

e. Keep Sentences and Paragraphs Short

When sentences are too long, meaning gets lost in the abundance of words. To avoid this problem, sentences should be kept as short as possible. Paragraphs too should be broken down to keep them short. The change from reading one paragraph to reading another gives the reader some rest making reading fun.

f. Include Justification for Claims

Once a claim has been made, it is natural for the reader to be curious to know why the claim has been made as it has. The most common precursor of justification in writing is the word because. Once reader sees it, they look forward to reading the coming explanation. The word because’ should be used as often as possible to create continuing interest.

g. Eliminate Adverbs

Although adverbs are meant to describe verbs, they stuff the work with unnecessary words. Instead of using adverbs it is better to use verbs that offer the description in themselves.


The ultimate objective of writing is to simply communicate certain important information to the reader. For a reader to get the most out of what has been sent to them, they have to enjoy the reading enough to complete it. The above mentioned actions are not exhaustive and their effect may not apply universally but on the whole, they move towards this end.

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