A House in Columbus for an Essay – Good Deal

access_timeApril 2, 2018

You’ve probably seen a lot of articles and posts about value of words. However, none of them actually bare information about exact price of some sentence or even text.

Well, Tim and Deanna Railing from Columbus state decided to change that. They came up with an opinion that a 250-word essay costs just as much as their 6,200-square-foot home on 4.82 acres of property.

House for an essay

What’s the catch?

To be clear, they are not going to give their house to just anybody who writes an essay. The couple decided to create a contest for professional and amateur writers. Entrance fee is 150$, and everybody can take their chance and write a 250-word or less work on “A Life Well Lived.”

However, Railings will only give their house away in case they get at least 4,500 entries. If they won’t reach the number, house will be kept by its current owners and contestants will get full-size refunds.

Why do they do this?

The couple says, that they got the idea of this contest from a TV-story, about someone from Maine, who did similar thing.

Railings chose “A Life Well Lived” topic because: “To me, he (Tim) is the epitome of a life well lived, and I thought I want to hear more stories like that from people.”- Donna Railing stated.

If the contest will be participated by expected 4,500 people, couple will get 675,000$, which almost covers the value of their custom-built log cabin in Columbus complete with indoor pool.

For those, who want to apply

If you want to participate in the contest, you should send your essay to Railings by November 16, 2015.

The winner will be chosen by a group of anonymous judges. The couple will not be a part of jury.

“We’ve decided we don’t want any part of the judging for this essay. We want to be impartial. We may read some of them because they’re going to be fun to read,” said Deanna Railing.

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