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Best ways to support your argument

With essay writing, you should always remember that your professor has a hidden agenda. For every essay they ask you to hand in, they are aiming for the following:

  • To see whether you know how to state your stand/thoughts and prove proof in a lively, clear, and appropriate way
  • To show you how to structure your thought process
  • To improve your essay writing skills

To this end, every essay that calls for expository writing is a great opportunity to practice your thinking. By so doing, you will be able to churn out better papers, all the while improving your analytical skills.

Use the tips to give yourself the writing inspiration you need while supporting your essay arguments:

1. Learn to Prove the False

The beauty with our world is that whatever thought that passes through your mind has been thought and written about by another person. This is especially true for the false knowledge and information. By teaching yourself how to prove wrong theories and feeding false information, you will sharpen your skills. When the time comes for you to work on an expository essay, you will be far ahead of your peers with regards to supporting the argument/stand you take. The techniques you will learn, for instance, include using the right kind of language, setting the perfect mood in your writing, and formatting your essay in the most convincing of ways. You will also be able to research even harder, especially when you are trying to prove a theory you obviously know is incorrect. All of these skills will come in handy when the time comes for you to support an argument you actually believe in.

2. Find Evidence

When supporting an argument in your essay, the first step will be to find data and evidence. The research you conduct will have you wading into a world where others support the position or point you’ve taken up. Although this might be frustrating at first, you will soon learn how to separate the perspective you’ve personally adopted from what is out there – what others, with better qualifications, experience, and evidence, have to say on the subject.

3. Google

Nothing quite beats search engines when it comes to finding the best supports for your essay arguments. Actually, there is nothing you won’t be able to find using Google. The search engine contains a wealth of information just waiting for you to discover and use it to come up with the best essay yet. Therefore, you might want to find a couple of authoritative sources in the field that supports the position you are researching. This is pretty easy when you are writing about political issues. The same is true for such scientific topics as climate change and human spaceflight. To make the work even easier for yourself, consider searching for arguments for and/or against the topic you are writing about. This way, you will get tons of information from which you can pick the best.


In conclusion, arguments and discussions are part and parcel of academic life. To ensure that your essay writing is among the best among your peers, you need to learn how to support your arguments with empirical evidence. Use the tips and tricks listed above to do exactly that.

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