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Essay Help with Writing Your Essay to the Brown University

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Essay Promts

Admission Essay requirements

The essay requirements usually pointed in application form that is specific for every course.

Admission essay / personal statement prompts

Tips for Writing your Personal Statement

  • Remember that you have limited space; think carefully about what you will write.
  • Before writing your statement, think about the characteristics that an admissions committee might be looking for: academic ability, knowledge of the field, personal commitment and integrity, and interpersonal skills.
  • In addition to these characteristics, they will also be concerned with presentation, including writing abilities, grammar, and spelling.
  • It is more important that your essay give admission committees a sense of the person they are evaluating. For this reason, you might want to focus your essay on something about yourself that is not apparent from the rest of your application.
  • Do not use your essay to summarize all of the activities that you have been involved in. You will be able to do this elsewhere in your application. Instead, focus your essay on a particular theme, idea, or thesis that cites specific examples of your experiences, while also reflecting upon those experiences.
  • Allow readers to draw their own conclusions about you. To this end, you should avoid using direct statements—such as “I like working with people,” or “I really care.”
  • Avoid clichés!
  • Share your essay with one or two readers who can provide you with focused feedback.

Office of Admissions Contacts

Office of College Admission

Brown University
Box 1876
Providence, RI 02912
Phone 401-863-2378
Fax 401-863-9300

Career Service
Brown University
Box 1907
167 Angell Street
Providence, RI 02912
Phone 401.863.3326
[email protected]

Essay Experts that may help

LinkedIn University Ranking

for Software DevelopersGraduate #1
for Software Developers at StartupsUndergraduate #3
for Media ProfessionalsUndergraduate #10
for Investment BankersUndergraduate #12
for Software DevelopersUndergraduate #14
for Finance ProfessionalsUndergraduate #17

Alumni statistics (Alumni data based)

Where they live

Greater New York City Area – 12,471
Greater Boston Area – 7,267
Providence, Rhode Island Area – 7,172
San Francisco Bay Area – 5,403
Washington D.C. Metro Area – 3,606

Where they work

Google – 400
Microsoft – 159
Goldman Sachs – 156
Pfizer – 146
IBM – 145

What they do

Education – 8,533
Research – 6,683
Media and Communication – 5,128
Entrepreneurship – 4,816
Healthcare Services – 4,207
Engineering – 3,213
Consulting – 3,172
Arts and Design – 2,954

What they studied

Economics – 6,149
History – 4,679
Computer Science – 3,637
Political Science and Government – 3,456
Biology, General – 3,229
International Relations and Affairs – 3,166
English Language and Literature/Letters – 3,044
Psychology – 2,752

What they’re skilled at

Research – 15,208
Public Speaking – 11,840
Microsoft Office – 8,865
Social Media – 8,614
Teaching – 8,180
Editing – 8,094
Leadership – 7,903
Nonprofits – 7,149

Notable alumni

Gary Briggs

VP, CMO at Facebook
Chairman at Plastic Jungle
SVP, Marketing at Motorola Mobility
EM, Associate at McKinsey and Company
AB, Political Science, American Civ
1980 – 1984


Peter Norvig

Research Director at Google
Division Chief, Computational Sciences at NASA
Senior Research Scientist at Sun Microsystems
Chief Designer at Harlequin Software
B.S., Applied Mathematics
1974 – 1978


Bob Smith

Chief Technology Officer at Honeywell
System Director at The Aerospace Corporation
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Honeywell
Vice President, Advanced Technology at Honeywell
MS, Applied Math/Engineering
1986 – 1987


jimPresident at The World Bank

Director at World Health Organization
President at Dartmouth College
Co-Founder & Executive Director at Partners In Health
AB, Human Biology
1979 – 1982



Recommendations to apply


Quality University! Hands Down! Happy Graduate Student!
It may go without saying that an ivy school should offer a quality experience for its students, but I want to elaborate that I have absolutely no qualms with cutting this school a check for tuition (which yes, is a lot). What makes the experience fairly painless is that I feel that I have just about every service, resources and form of support I could ask for. I can see where and how my money is being spent and I am truly thankful for being a part of such an amazing community!


Krystal Sarcone

Company Owner at Safariable
Company Owner at Safariable

2014 – 2017, Master of Public Health (MPH)

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