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Tips to learn the difference between causes and effects

Tips to learn the difference between causes and effects


Differentiating between cause and effect plays a critical role in helping one come up with an outstanding essay. For that reason, it is important to understand some of the commonly confused terms in the article and essay writing.

The following essay hacks will help you to use of cause and effect correctly:

1. By Definition

A cause is a reason behind an action. For example, a student sleeping in class can be caused by playing games all night. In this example, the action or the event is sleeping in class, and the cause is when preceded the event which is playing games all night. 

On the other hand, an effect is a result or the outcome of a certain event. For example, a student sleeping in class might lead to him failing in his end of semester exams. In this case, the event which is sleeping in class might result in the person failing in the exam. Therefore, failing in the exam is the effect.

2. How to identify a cause and an effect

A cause can be easily identified by asking the question "why" or "how". For example, "Why did that student sleep in class?". The cause: because he played online games all night. Alternatively, how comes you arrive home late last night. The cause: I had gone to visit a friend. 

Likewise, you can identify an effect by asking the question "What happened?"

On the other hand, the word cause is mostly used as a noun. However, on rare occasions, it is also used as a verb. For example, the teacher effected a lot of curriculum changes. In this case, it is used as a verb.However, it is commonly used as a noun, for example, Using drugs in school has dire effects.

3. Correlation

You must have come across the saying that everything has a cause and effect. This basically means that every event has a cause and an effect to it. Cause and effect are two sides of a coin. Meaning that for an event to happen there must be a cause. The particular cause results in an effect. In short, an effect is the outcome of a cause.


There is a type of essay that is referred to as Cause and Effect. It is important to note that when writing such an essay, a single cause can have different effects. This will help to inform your writing style and to make them distinguishable for the reader.


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