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Best common app essay prompts


Writing an application essay can be the real test of life. With that blank page staring at you and a blinking cursor, you’re supposed to come up with 300 or 1000 golden words that will be your ticket to the school of your dreams, a new job, or that competition that will give you tickets to Hawaii. You need to use words that have never been used before, say things that have never been heard before, in order to make you outstanding among probably even thousands of other applicants. Suddenly the world is upon your shoulders, your heart beats like a drum... Luckily, writing an application essay doesn’t always have to be like this. I will show you how you can write a successful application essay, without breaking a sweat.

How to write a common app essay?

Structure Basics

At first, we need to understand what an application essay entails. You’re basically selling your awesome self to an individual or possibly a panel of people. Therefore, you need to breathe life into the application. The basic format is that of a typical essay; introduction, body and then conclusion. However, it is what you say in these parts that count in the end towards the success of your application.


Let’s start with the introduction. You need to introduce yourself, just like in person. Step back and think for a minute, who are you? However, desist from saying you “are a male aged 23 years…” That would be the beginning of a bore even to you who is writing the essay. This first paragraph determines whether the application will be tossed to the left or if the reader will be drawn in and continue reading. Find impeccable grammar and originality for introducing yourself. This is the time to whip out your dusty dictionary and find those words that will hook anyone reading your application. For a good start, I would suggest writing some interesting facts about yourself in that paragraph. For example, you could write as below;

“A lover of animals and nature, I spend most of my free time cycling in the woods and walking pets. I have an undergraduate degree from the University of XYZ majoring in Psychology, which is my other area of interest. I am 23 years old, articulate, and an avid learner. My name is Hellen Kosher, and I would like to join your postgraduate program.”

While you may not have said anything out of this world, the manner in which you have presented yourself would capture the reader and make them want to read more about you, leading them into the body of your essay.

Main Body

The body of the essay now depends on the area of application you are interested in. If for work, this may be the time to mention past work experience that relates to the job that you are applying for. If for a school program, this is where you indicate what qualifies you to join that program. Remember whoever is reading your essay has probably read so many more of similar writing. Therefore, your language should be stellar throughout. Start with the main points that your reader may be looking for such as the main qualifications of the program or job. 

Thereafter, you can swiftly add more pointers as to why you are even above their qualifications. Here is where you indicate scholarships and awards that you may have won. You could also talk about community initiatives that you are a part of, as well as other areas of interest that do not directly relate to the position, but which show you are an all-rounded valuable person. Tell them about how good you are at tennis, or about that award you earned at college. Find a way to relate this to your application.

Try not to say too much, though, making the application extremely long will make it boring once again. Again, avoid personal tales such as the day your mother gifted you because you did the most chores. That is not the kind of achievement they are looking for. Keep it interesting throughout, by using impeccable language and expressions.


Hereafter, you are ready to conclude. By now you have told them what they need to know about you. You have wooed them with your language, skill, and achievements. Your conclusion needs to have a call for action. It needs the reader to feel compelled to contact you as soon as possible. This could be done by something as easy as one statement that is brief and effective. For instance, you could say, “I would be delighted to hear from you”. Such a statement shows that you look forward to hearing from them, but is also a nice winding remark. 

As you can see, writing an application essay isn’t as nightmarish as you may have thought. Here’s wishing you well in your next application, hoping that you woo them away.


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