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Essay Conclusion - how to write it properly

Essay Conclusion - how to write it properly

Writing a conclusion is sometimes the most difficult part of an essay and many writers feel exhausted by the time they reach the end of the paper with a left to say after writing so much. It is important for the students to understand and realize the importance of conclusions and it is often the concluding lines that readers remember best, and it should be a very convincing and substantial part of their essay. You should ensure that your conclusion is to sing and to the point. The last thing you want is to have your conclusion go on for another two pages. Although in certain academic circles this is a requirement, for many it will just seem like you are trying to fill space and you will most likely end up repeating yourself as well which is never good.

Conclusions should do three very important things:

  1. It stresses the significance of the topic at hand.
  2. It rounds up the piece, just like the ending of a movie closes it.
  3. It leaves the final impression on your readers, likely affecting their overall perception of the work.

If you ever find yourself staring blankly at your essay conclusion, try the following approaches to composing it:

The So-What Approach

You've introduced the subject and played it to death. So what? What is your paper's overall significance? What does it contribute to the larger scheme of things? How is it meaningful and relevant? Answer these questions and your paper will conclude strongly.

Something To Think About

Many essays go from general (the thesis statement) down to the specific details. Take you conclusion the other way around, starting from the detail and expanding it into a larger coverage. Light up your reader's imagination and let them leave feeling enthused.

It should sound like you

You don't want to have it, as though someone else has written that or have it sounds so awkward that it fails to deliver on its promise. You need to ensure that the tone that you have set throughout the essay is also in conclusion as well. This means writing in your voice. The conclusion is not the time to break out the $10 words especially if you haven't used them in the body of the essay.

Refer to your opening question

To write a good essay conclusion, you need first to refer to your opening question or argument. This is something that many people forget in a rush just to get it done. And it is something that is vital especially if the paper is quite long. You need to make sure that the conclusion you write adequately addresses your opening thesis, statement or question. By doing this, you can ensure that your conclusion does not take away from the rest of the essay.

It would not be wrong to say that a conclusion is a type of a forum which enables the students to persuade the readers of what they have been through and bring all the information to a collective and coherent end. While it also depends on the type of essay and the discipline for which it is being written, the essay conclusion also recalls on the essay thesis and thus, it is up to the students to work it out the right way.

It is important for the students to remember that a conclusion should stress on the significance of the thesis statement and hold up to it, give a sense of completion and a coherent end to the essay as well as leave a profound impression on the readers making them realize how crucial this research was.

The end of the essay should be able to convey a sense of completeness and closure along with its larger meaning and implications and the last paragraph or the last sentence should close the discussion in such a way that it does not close it off but leaves room for thought in the long run.

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