Edusson.Com Launches an Essay Writing Competition with 750$ Prize Fund

access_timeApril 2, 2018

A student or a young writer from any part of the globe can take part in this essay writing contest. The topic is “Can education fight crime”. As famous French writer, Victor Hugo once said: “Pour the abyss of ignorance, and you will destroy the stash of crimes”. We want to know, is it true for you, or is education has no power against evil in your opinion?
All contestants must be 25 years or younger. There are no entrance fees or any other limitations concerning what you can or should write.

There are, however, some contest guidelines:

  • Your essay should have 500-800 words.

We don’t want your work to be too long. Also, we don’t want it to be too short. Length 500 to 800 words is just perfect.

  • Your work should be written in English.

Our contest is international. So is The English language. We know, that Chinese is also considered to be international, but none of us or our writers can speak it or any other international language well enough.
Thanks for understanding all contest rules.

  • Write contest by yourself and from the heart.

As was said earlier, we want to read YOUR thoughts, be sure we are going to check every work for plagiarism. So, you have to make a deep breath and say: “I write my essay” to win this essay writing contest!

  • Your work could be written in any style, but mistakes will be counted.

Be ready to write about education, so we expect not to find countless grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. So please, even if your work has an incredible message and expresses your soul, bother to check it a few extra times. It will be a pity if a really good work which has all reasons to win the contest, go unnoticed due to poor language usage.

  • Use MS Word, write your name, age and where you study as a name of the document.

We ask You to write this information not because there are some extra limitations to participants in our contest, but because we ourselves are interested in where our participants from and who they are, so it would be great if you duplicate that data in the bottom of the document.
Plus it is much easier to keep track of your works if they are named those way.

Essay Experts that may help

Deadline of the contest and winner announcement

Send us your works until April the 15th on our address at [email protected] We will write you back as soon, as we receive your letter.
If You won’t receive any reply, be sure to write at [email protected] so your work could not be lost.
We announce Winners  on May the 9th, on this day we will contact them with further instructions on how they can collect their rewards!

Contest Prize Pool

And now let’s talk about fun part of ours!
Some of our writers, who are the best in our essay writing service, in consolidation with staff from a jury. They are going to choose three best works. Authors of those works will be rewarded with some tasty prizes:

  • 1st Place – 500$;
  • 2nd Place – 200$;
  • 3rd Place – 50$.

We will post winners’ essays which win the contest as well as information about the writers on our blog and post links to your Social Networks below it (it is optional, we won’t do it if you don’t want us to).

More to that, if you repost this contest post on Facebook, you will have a chance of winning an Amazon gift card! We are going to choose randomly a person on May the 9th, the day when the first three works will be announced. All you need to do is not to delete this report until the day of winners’ announcement!
Send us your essays till April the 15th. Be sure to write “This Contest” in the subject of the letter and follow our guidelines!

Good luck!

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