Essay Myths and Truths

access_timeMarch 29, 2018

There are many myths that surround the world of essay writing which mostly originate from those who don’t know much about essay writing. In this article, we will explore most of the essay myths and truths.

Essay myths and truths

1. Essay writing is always fun

No, it is not always fun. There are lots more fun things to do, and most people spend their time doing them. Like watching TV, streaming movies, talking, Skyping, texting, and tweeting for the couch potatoes. For the more active aspiring writers, bar-hopping, going out to dinner, playing sports, walking the dog the list goes on. Essay writing is only fun when you don’t have anything invested in it like your hopes and dreams, and the need to buy groceries. When it comes to essays, you will have to make the proper preparation of material, research and learn some things like essay outline, essay styles, and other things before you master essay writing skills and the essay writing process.

2. It’s easy to do

Sure, it’s easy to compose a text or tweet to your friends, but writing something worthy of people reading is not easy. And it’s even harder if you need people to pay to read your writing. If you have a paying audience, they expect entertainment and insight, a way of looking at the world that they’ve never thought of before. Essay writing process is something to be mastered. You have to go through a writing guide, learn writing hooks and essay editing. If you are an expert, then it will be a little hard, but you always have to find essay ideas and writing inspiration.

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3. Anyone can do it

The internet has leveled the field for the writers. Anyone can create a blog and start writing. But, honestly, after three months of blogging how many people read the blog regularly? Not every thought that passes through a writer’s head is worthy of reading or being permanently logged into cyberspace. Probably 90% of what’s written should never see the light of day. To come up with essay ideas and inspiration you have to think and research, you don’t just do it, it takes experience, you also have to study essay hook examples.

4. It will make you popular

Maybe it will. Or it may alienate those around you if you’re writing about them, especially, if you’re writing about them. Family or friends do not want to read about their self-destructive habits from your viewpoint much less have it broadcast to others in a thinly disguised story.

5. You’ll always be in the mood to do it

This lie needs to be put to sleep. Half of the time you sit down to write an essay, you might be not in the mood. Again, it’s not always fun, and your writing inspiration deserts you many times. And when you depend on your writing to pay the bills it becomes work, and that’s always hard. Plus, you may not work a set number of hours.

6. If you had more time you would write more

This is a myth. To write a good essay you need a relaxed mind.

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7. It will make you rich fast

This couldn’t be far from the truth. Eventually, it may make you rich buy it takes time and patience.

8. The more you write, the better

This is not true. What matters is the quality of the essay, not the length.

9. There is no much competition in essay writing

The arena of essay writing and writing, in general, is very competitive everybody is looking for the very best.

10. It’s not an Art

Great essay writing is an art. So is great music or poetry or drawing. It takes years of observation and practice, and the bedrock of practice is a sacrifice. It takes time to master essay form, good and average essay, writing styles and essay editing. You won’t get there overnight or even in a year. Yes, there are people who sold the first article, story or novel they had ever written (or at least claimed they did). But that won’t happen for the majority of writers. But maybe you don’t need your writing to be great; you just need it to be good. Fair enough, but that will take work as well, so you’re still not off the hook.

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