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Features of Turnitin originality report


The growth of the internet has opened up opportunities for writing opportunities. People who had always wanted to write but lacked a platform to explore their interests can now create blogs and write. There are also a lot more opportunities for people to gain education. This means that that there are opportunities for general writing and academic writing. Over and above providing opportunities for writing, the internet is also the biggest source of information currently. Easy accessibility of this information means that the temptation to plagiarize is high. Sometimes an individual who did not set out to plagiarize may have their work adjudged as plagiarism due to similarity with material found online. To help writers gauge their work before submitting and teachers and editors to check originality of work submitted, anti-plagiarism software has been developed. Turnitin is one of the more popular and effective of these programs.

Turnitin Originality Report

Once a document has been uploaded to Turnitin, it is checked against all the writings in the cyberspace. After the document has been checked, the program generates a report showing the presence or absence of plagiarism in the document. This report is known as the originality report.

Features of the Report

The overall score the document achieves is indicated in percentage. Thus, if no part of the document is found to have been similar with any writing on the internet, the document is said to have 0% similarity. If 10% of the contents of the document are found in other parts of the internet, then the document scores 10% in the similarity index. Normally, the report is superimposed in the document that was checked using Turnitin. The document usually has all its contents in it, this includes diagrams and all the formatting available in the document. When a part of the document is found to be similar with any document in the internet, it is highlighted. The highlighted then the possible sources from which it was copied are listed and color coded according to the extent of similarity. If the part is lifted exactly as it is from the source, then the possible source receives a color code denoting the highest level of similarity. Only the sources with the highest level of similarity are listed. Other contents of the report include the document viewer frame. The viewer frame gives the title of the document and the document’s overall similarity percentage. It is found at the top of the window. Below the frame is the text of the document, this is the part that Turnitin really checks for similarity. On the right-hand side of the window is the matching sources side bar. This side bar shows all the sources that match the document, it lists each of the sources and also lists the percentage similarity found in each of the document. On the extreme left of the document viewer frame is an icon that provides information on the document for which the report has been generated. The document text is programmed in such a manner that when the cursor passed above it, information on similarity, if there is any, appears like a pop up. The pop-up shows the percentage of similarity, and the source from which the information may have been lifted.


Turnitin tries to go out of its way to give as much details as possible concerning similarity in the document. The report is the most important tool Turnitin has to show whether the document is original or not. A user has the option of saving the scanned document in the Turnitin repository. If he or she decides to save the documents, it remains invisible to the program for 24hours. This gives them the opportunity to submit without the document being counted plagiarized.

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