Essay Writing Service Makes a Step to the Fore. Please Meet the Future Classroom!

access_timeMarch 30, 2018

We are starting a Future Classroom — series of interactive lessons and webinars from the world’s renowned educators focused down to developing of academic skills. We love to think of Future Classroom as a Buffet full of delicious and healthy courses from the education chefs tailored to various students’ tastes.

Likewise, we will host live webinars as well as recorded session from an array of coaches and motivators to boost your learning score.

So, what’s on the menu?

Essay writing
Coach: Cassandra Bondie
A step-by-step survival guide (by the eBook ‘Writing the Essay’)

Research paper writing
Coach: Kay Daya
A students guide to research paper writing (by the eBook ‘Research paper writing – think like a professor!’)

Essay structuring
Coach: Amra Serdarevich
How to make a proper outline and type better essay structure (with examples and Q&A session)

Reasoning & arguments
Coach: Kay Daya
Kay will discuss how to develop arguments by different types of essays and point out popular mistakes as well as give best writing practices (with examples and Q&A session)

Admission essay writing
Coach: Jessica Walrack
A comprehensive guide to college admission (by the eBook ‘Admissions Essays 2016 Guide’)

Personal statements & motivation letters
Coach: Jennifer Bouley
A discussion of how to prepare personal statements, resumes, motivation letter, etc (expert level advice).

Content analysis tools
Coach: Robot Don
How to use our proprietary software to analyze your essays and improve the quality of writing.

Your topic
Coach: you (apply as an educator)

First 15 participants get a free access to live webinars!

Regular price: $11.99 
Register now — drop with a title of classroom you want to visit: [email protected]

Future Classroom is an open end project and we welcome new coaches and authors to become a part of our Classroom team. Say hello to Katherine here: [email protected]

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