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Student's Guide to Best Parties: San Francisco

Students need to chill, after all that hard work and especially on Friday and Saturday nights. It is sad that weekend arrives only once a week, and there are just two days or nights. Why not get to the best parties that equal fun nights of the whole week! Thankfully, San Francisco boasts of countless great venues, clubs, and bars where students can party until wee hours. The nightlife here is as diverse as the city itself. Get ready to explore some cool hideaway bars with neon strip joints and rowdy clubs. Here is the ultimate party guide of the city which is a must-hit. These are sure the gems of S.F. nightspots.

500 Club  

500 Club is the place to let off steam. The place is one of the oldest in the neighborhood and crawling with eclectic folks, who are here on just one mission and which is to have a damn good time. Students get their booths to get cozy and enjoy those ultra-cheap drinks and great food. Fantastic bar food, live music, and Bender's whiskey is all what you need. Moreover, if you are looking for more, head for the Bender's whiskey or an outside patio. Take your date here or go for golf anytime you want. The San Francisco themed course is a mashup of Rube Goldberg and carnival antics. The food and drinks are surprisingly cheap and good as well.



Mighty is ground zero for those looking for action after dark, and here, you can take your party outside into the street, thanks to their well-manicured backyard. Enjoy the special time and events at New Year or other occasions. The thumping late-night dance club has already won loads of attention and awards. It is always packed, and you can see students having a wild time as at the high-ceilinged, intensely urban venue. The brick and black leather décor, wooden pillars and hardwood floors add a chic twist to the standard urban style. You will simply love the stunning chandeliers illuminating the beams Efficient and friendly staff keep the drinks coming and the party going!


The Mezzanine dance club is certainly worth the risk and the crazy-cool club boasts of a huge dance floor that overlook a two-story VIP lounge. Take note of the most danceable live shows and how the sound system consistently bumps electronica. It is no wonder to find the place a favorite among the students. The live music venue and nightclub showcase some of the most talented artists in music. You will love the DJs and live performances that span all genres such as New Orleans Brass, Indie-rock to R&B and Nu-disco. Enjoy the finest hospitality and performance quality here at Mezzanine which is a hot favorite among students. The club has become a primary destination for live music, known for its finest hospitality and performance quality. You will love its industry renowned lighting plus the state-of-the-art sound systems.

The Riptide Source: http://riptidesf.com/

If that is any spot that has perfected the art of chilling, it is none other than The Riptide in San Francisco. The joint is teeming with students and younger crowd and is one of the most laid-back bars in the city. There is a lot more going on here such as karaoke and a game night. Get out there every week or you are sure to miss out on all the fun. The club carries the look and feel of a small town lodge and the high ceilings plus the rustic brick flooring, the raging fireplace and knotty pine walls welcome you with an unusual warmth. This is a perfect place for enjoying great conversations in a casual atmosphere with your friends. Do not forget to check out the outdoor smoking lounge with a fantastic ocean view.

Public Works

If you are looking for the pulse of the local and international underground, then head for Public Works which is on the mission of giving the crowd what it is looking for. You will love the top-of-the-line sound system and the foot-friendly dance. You can enjoy some great drinks with or without alcohol. Go to the upstairs loft for a cozy party or enjoy the occasional pop-up art gallery of rotating art. Here you will get to experience the top DJs who often get invited here. This is a multipurpose space where you can enjoy live music, have your drinks or browse art gallery and workshops. The simple décor and hardwood floors maximize space. Hemlock Tavern Source : http://www.hemlocktavern.com/ This spot is a gold mine and has become a beacon for jean clad youth who come here to check out some great music by famous bands and toss back a few drinks. Open seven days a week, just make sure that you carry a valid ID. Walk through the main bar area on two levels with ample bar seating space and communal tables. There is a heated smoking lounge for the smokers that is shielded from the street with greenery. Snack on hot peanuts as you listen to great music flowing in from local, national and international touring bands at Hemlock Tavern.

DNA Lounge

DNA Lounge is worth checking out. Moreover, it is here where you will find the outfits as creative as the sounds. Enjoy a wonderful stage set-up that can be easily viewed from both the recessed mezzanine and the dance floor. This is not a place of darkness, but you will come across countercultural musical fetishes. Head towards the upstairs for an intimate area for dancing that looks dark and sexy. Students flock here for musical obsessions. The late-night club welcomes all ages and features burlesque performances, live music and DJ dancing. There might be private parties, film premieres and conferences occasionally. It boasts of seven full bar, four dance floors, and a full-service 24-hour pizza restaurant and cafe.   Now that you are dying to blow off steam at the end of the workweek, pick any of the joints above and steer your evening escapades in the right direction for a great weekend and nonstop partying.

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