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How to write a summary of an article

Do you struggle on summarizing an article? Do you want tips on how to improve your summarizing skills? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is to give you some techniques, secrets and advice on compensating, for example, a very long article with a boring style and you want to make it more pleasing to your readers.

Article summarizations are often the easiest way to understand the story more, because all the important information are located there so that readers can learn deeper in just a short period of time.

You’ve asked yourself, “How to write a summary of an article?” If that is what you wanted to do but you can’t, you should refer below:


If you wanted your article to catch your readers’ attention, you should make impact on your title first. If possible, a word that fits your topic perfectly should be a title. For your article to appear fun, the title should be short, because if it’s long, the readers would find it boring to read. And if you can, try to make a title that is a question, but is a very good one.

Titles add up a big impact on your article. The article depends on the title to be read. You have to be tricky when thinking of the best titles that suit your topic.


You’re summarizing an article, right? In doing it, you should get the right information. Not that because you’re outlining it, but summarizations are much easier to read and understand. The readers often look for outlines and such when they wanted some ideas and not the whole story.

If the information you have given on your outline is somehow not relatable to the topic or article, it does not appear good on your sum-ups. It just makes your outline bad-looking.


Ideas are the best part in a summarization. This makes the outline more interesting to read. And also, try to make your synopsis creative and imaginable. That way, the readers of your article will be satisfied with your article. Ideas add color to your summarization.

Ideas are usually the start-up of a certain topic or article, so in an outline or a summarization, you must know the main idea of your article.


In conclusions, endings still rely based on the information given in the article itself and not on the readers’ or the reviewers’ opinions. Just that it said conclusion does not mean you have to write also the reactions of your readers. Conclusions often sum up the article, but in a brief time and in a short explanation. In the article summarizing, it is always relating to the introduction of your piece.

Now, to sum-up those tips, the importance of summarizing an article is: it helps your readers understand, learn, and get interested in your article, without knowing the literally whole story. It is important to make a recap on it, including those difficult to understand ideas and topics. Ideas and information are also playing a big part in your article summarization. It helps readers imagine what is happening in the article, or what the main idea that it tries to deliver was.

Remember that in the article outlining, you also have to think of a very catchy but short title in order for your readers to find it interesting to read. Actually, titles are one of the main ideas in a summarization of an article.

Now that you’ve known all of these, you should try to do it on your own, improve your summarization skills and show the world that you can outline interestingly and creatively!

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