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How to write an article

Writing an article it's not for everyone, it takes time and patience. The key as in any job well done is to take time for preparation. You might think that the hardest part is the writing and creating something unique, in fact, the real work is doing a correct narrow research on your desired topic.

What do I mean by that ? Well, let's say you are writing an article about how to write an article, the first thing you do is open good old google and start typing exactly what you are searching for, instance, "how to write an article".

Just look through

  • Go on the first 5 pages and read carefully about all the aspects of it, usually google brings out the best results in the first one, but if you have the interest of doing a fantastic job, might as well go even deeper further to the next pages.
  • While reading the documentation pay very close attention to what the writer is trying to transmit to you, a good thing to do is take notes, like maybe 10 notes from each article you read.
  • Doing so the important concepts get hammered in, you will remember them much more easily, this is scientifically proven. Another great benefit of taking notes is that you get to find common approaches from different writers, this gives you inspiration thus making it very relatable.

Make your surroundings suitable

  • Ok, after covering the basics of setting everything before starting, let's dive straight into it, the writing process. As the name implies, writing is a process, is the act of sitting comfortably in quiet in your favorite writing place and letting your thoughts and especially your emotions come out of your fingers straight to the paper.
  • When writing something try to let it flow out, it's much more authentic to your audience, have their best interests in your heart, always give value. This alone if you remember and practice daily will give you amazing results and your readers will love you for it. It's an art really, while you tell the story with your own words, at the same time you have to take into consideration the technical aspects.
  • Depending on the article usually the length of it's around 300 - 500 words, it's separated into different paragraphs and it's structured on chunks, each talking about a subtopic of the main topic. Be careful to avoid things such as having a formal language, addressing to much questions for your reader it's a bad practice also, they want to get the answers from you, they don't want to ponder topics, be straight with them.
  • With all of this said by the content itself, a good article always needs a good ending. For this you will need, to sum up all the important points, to remind the reader of the things he should look out for, also a great way to keep them hooked it's to leave them with something to think about or address them a call to action. Using social media, such as facebook, twitter or even youtube it's a great way to build up a following and keep them hooked

    So to sum it all up, do a good research, take notes, write interesting and entertaining, keep a good structure in mind, draw a conclusion. The last thing to leave you with is to genuinely enjoy writing a kickass article.


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