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How to write an introduction for a research paper

research paper introduction

The calling card to an impressive research paper lies in its introduction. A research must have a foundation that endeavors to woo the readers to spare time to read the whole research paper. Fashioning an introduction that seeks to comprehensively demystify what the research is all about plays a big role in refining it. The introduction should create an information niche that the research seeks to address thus motivating the target audience to take keen interest in it and delve deeper into the research. When the introduction is catchy, the brand- research paper automatically stands out. The introduction is the first step and the conceptual doorway towards authenticating the formulated hypothesis and in the long run validating the essence of the research paper.

This article attempts to proffer in-depth information and a critique on how to write an introduction for a research paper.

Clarity is an invaluable asset

What makes an introduction for a research paper appealing is the researcher’s ability to write impeccable information in a concise and articulate approach. Incorporating loads of information presents the risk of wandering off the main topic and putting off readers. The introduction should offer readers a preview of the dissertation in accurate and brief statements. What is the main focus of the research paper? How will the research reinforce the already existing theory? What new insights will the research offer in the specific discourse it focuses on? All these determinants should be captured in the introduction. In essence, the researcher is trying to fulfill the following points:

  1. Disseminating information to the readers about the foundation of the research paper.
  2. Justifying why the research paper is an integral part of research in a specialized discipline.
  3. Providing contextual information that governs the research paper from a broad perspective to a narrow perspective as dictated by the research objectives and questions.

Inclusion of important statistics

The introduction is the backbone of a research paper. How does one make it appealing to the readers? Statistics it is. To reinforce the problem statement as addressed in the introduction, it is crucial to include factual information in form of statistics to ascertain that the problem is a major concern. This enables readers to make a connection between the statistical information and the issue that the research paper addresses. The readers also will perceive the research paper as credible.

Present a research niche

Many research papers fail to make significance simply because the introduction is so plain that it cannot support the overall research objective. The main reason as to why the research is being undertaken must be clearly brought out in the introduction. The introduction must seek to disclose existing gaps in hitherto research, assumptions that were made in the past and need to be analyzed again because they were not conclusive enough and furthering phenomenon to address emerging needs in the discourse chosen.

Offer a roadmap at the end of the introduction

A research introduction needs a conclusion as well. The conclusion in this case is the roadmap that guarantees the audience and the researcher in similar measure that the rest of the research will address issues in a coherent manner. It also sets the pace for what to expect in the rest of the paper by presenting argumentative statements. Further, it addresses the following issues:

  1. Keeps the research on the right course
  2. Enables readers to fully integrate the research problem articulated into their worldview and in the process understand it from the perspective of the researcher.

As a final point, an introduction is the heart of any research paper. It is the mental key to unlocking the research methodology to be used and construing the likely outcomes of the research. It should be written with paramount superiority.

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