How to Become a Great Essay Writer: Recognizing the Way of Learning

access_timeMarch 30, 2018

never stop learning


Well, according to the dictionary LEARN means: “gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.” That being said, why in hell we all grew up thinking that we only learn when we are in front of a board ‘studying” or by reading and writing down, and the list goes on.

See, the definition says that learning means we gain knowledge, also says that it can be in different ways, such as “experience” for example.

Do you remember how easy it was to memorize things when you were a kid? And how useless those things seem to be now? How much of all that “memorization” do you actually use? I mean, really. That doesn’t mean that all that was useless, I still refer myself to my early years of school when talking about some specific knowledge, but I remember most when I was encouraged by the teacher, either because it was fun or very cool (hey I was a kid, such as you!).

As an experienced educator, I can say that putting all the good ideas together for all the students isn’t an easy cake. I’ve discovered that all the students have their own way of learning. For example, some of them are visuals, others are logical, aural, verbal, physical, and it all depends if they are social or solitary. Taking all these features in consideration, I’ll tell you is very difficult to help kids all the way, but it worth trying, because is well rewarded.

Learning about this made my life easier, because I started preparing lessons for everyone and not just for the “logical kids” for example. As I read in an intensive research when trying to help my students, I discovered that all these ways of learning have been just discovered not so long ago. And that’s why they aren’t applied (at least not everywhere) into the public school system. I also learned that applying all these ways of learning will cost a fortune to the state or to the private institution.

Some of the most privileged students in the world are receiving such education already, where they are being respected to learn in their own way rather than being forced by the only option that could usually be as in a regular state school.

So, why is so important to have these options? Well, one of the reasons on why some people are most successful than others lies upon this matter. If you don’t know what the best way for you to learn, then how exactly are you going to learn? Some of you might even remember school days are the worst torturing days ever. And some will be just glad to have past those years. And maybe is because you never experience in your own flesh the wonders of constantly learning! … All that could be because you haven’t found your own way to learn.

There is an amazing feeling that cross all your body and brain, is like new oxygen… such adrenaline that strikes you and makes you feel alive all over again. Well, that should have been the thrilling of school years. Did you have the chance to feel that? Do you still experience such thing? Aren’t you worry for your kids, cousins, nephews, or just kids you know around… how bad some of them struggle in school. It really breaks my heart when I see that, because is not their fault!

I had a special (I rather say that) that all she wanted was having the class 100% silent and writing down… And she wanted the same for the other teachers to be. I mean, how can you expect such thing when learning languages for example? Isn’t that odd? Or learning Art! … And then again, I don’t mean disorder or crazy noise, but more like “social interaction”, because they need that!

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Start asking these questions to yourself or to your kids/students in order to look for ways to learn:

  • Do I learn better reading and memorizing?

  • Do I learn better by listening?

  • Do I learn better by writing down?

  • Do I learn better by watching?

  • Do I learn better by practicing right away?

Create your own path! There are so many sources of ways to learn and to help others or yourself out. To give you a hint; for example Learning Styles Online… and then you have the entire internet in your favor!

And how do I know this? Because I love learning!

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