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access_timeMarch 30, 2018

Essay Prompts

Admission Essay Help

The admission application paper shows your capacity to compose obviously and compactly on a chose theme and helps you separate yourself utilizing your own voice. As of late, the Common Application executed 5 new exposition subjects/prompts:

1. Some understudies have a foundation or story that is so integral to their personality that they trust their application would be inadequate without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

2. Recount an episode or time when you encountered disappointment. How could it have been able to it influence you, and what lessons did you realize?

3. Reflect on a time when you tested a conviction or thought. What provoked you to act? Would you settle on a similar choice once more?

4. Describe a place or environment where you are flawlessly content. What do you do or encounter there, and why is it important to you?

5. Discuss an achievement or occasion, formal or casual that denoted your move from adolescence to adulthood inside your way of life, group, or family.

There is a 650 word limit and a base reaction of 250 words is required. The paper won’t permit a reaction shorter than 250 words. Understudies can create their reactions specifically in the application or cut-and-glue a reaction drafted in another word handling program. Fundamental designing (strong, italics, underline, and highlighted characters) are accessible.

Graduates should prepare the statement (approximately 2 pages) that must indicate your primary intellectual interests and the reasons why you wish to pursue an advance degree in philosophy in chosen department.

Office of Admissions Contacts

301 S. Campus Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056­3434
[email protected]
Fax: 1­513­529­0682

Career Service Contact

[email protected]

LinkedIn University Ranking

for Accounting ProfessionalsGraduate #13
for MarketersUndergraduate #21

Alumni statistics

Where they live

Cincinnati Area – 33,012
Greater Chicago Area – 10,495
Columbus, Ohio Area – 9,225
Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area – 9,072
Greater New York City Area – 4,586

Where they work

Procter & Gamble – 464
EY – 441
Fifth Third Bank – 430
JPMorgan Chase & Co. – 398
Deloitte – 381

What they do

Sales – 14,159
Education – 11,467
Operations – 9,036
Finance – 7,614
Entrepreneurship – 7,187
Marketing – 5,902
Healthcare Services – 5,486
Media and Communication – 5,467

What they studied

Marketing – 11,497
Finance, General – 8,049
Accounting – 6,195
Political Science and Government – 5,664
Business Administration and Management, General – 5,482
Psychology – 5,288
Economics – 3,845
English Language and Literature/Letters – 3,386

What they’re skilled at

Leadership – 27,347
Microsoft Office – 24,748
Management – 22,687
Customer Service – 22,664
Public Speaking – 22,163
Microsoft Excel – 19,423
Sales – 17,760
Strategic Planning -17,656

BerdingJeff Berding

President & General Manager at FC Cincinnati
City Council Member at City of Cincinnati City Council
Director of Sales & Public Affairs at Cincinnati Bengals
President & General Manager at FC Cincinnati
B.A., Political Science 1985 – 1991


BillBill McComb

Former Chief Executive Officer at Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc.
Recently Retired at Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc.
Company Group Chairman, DePuy Companies at Johnson & Johnson
President, McNeil Consumer Healthcare at Johnson & Johnson
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics 1981 – 1984


MerrrimanDwight Merriman

CTO & Co-founder at DoubleClick
Chairman at AlleyCorp
Chairman & Co-founder MongoDB Inc.; Contributor MongoDB Project at MongoDB
CS 1986 – 1989


MoranRichard A. Moran

President, Menlo College
Partner at Venrock
Partner at Accenture
Board Member at Glu Mobile
Ph.D, Organization Behavior/Higher Education 1977 – 1981



Miami University Recommendations to apply

Liked it too much
Product of a Miami merger, never really considered other colleges, from the campus, the students, the profs and the sports. Too bad about football, Miami defeated Florida, Georgia and LSU while I was there in 70s. I may have taken more years to graduate than any other alum, entered in 73 as freshman and graduated in 2000, no kidding. My son just graduated last year and many nieces and nephews. Great Place, Great People, but I’m still a Redskin, PC or not.

Chris Roberts  

General Manager at Cayes Consulting Group
General Manager at Cayes Consulting Group

1974 – 2000, BA

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