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Overcoming Writer's Block

I’m sure you’re familiar with this scenario: you’re writing your school or work assignment and suddenly, you don’t know how to continue and sometimes you don’t even know how to start. You don’t know how to start your introduction and it’s needless to mention you can’t think of anything to include in the body of your work. In other words, you are experiencing writer’s block. However, don’t despair because it’s inevitable and happens to every essay writer from time to time.

I have experienced writer’s block on numerous occasions and still managed to finish my work successfully. To finish your assignment successfully, you just have to learn how to overcome writer’s block and it’s not that difficult as you think. In this post, I’m going to provide a few useful tips you can follow.

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What causes writer’s block?

There are numerous reasons why you can experience writer’s block, but these are the most common ones:

  • Timing – sometimes it’s just not the right time to start writing. This cause usually occurs when you don’t let your ideas to fully develop in your mind.

  • Deadline – this is a major cause of writer’s block and I experience it quite frequently. When deadlines are tight and there’s a lot of things to write you usually start stressing out thus being unable to focus on work and you don’t know what to write about.

  • Fear – usually a fear of failure. Some writers are afraid of critiques, comments, and overall reactions to their work.

  • Perfectionism – thinking about your perfect vision of some particular task isn’t as beneficial. You decide you won’t start writing until you think of perfect concept and you never do.

As already mentioned, writer’s block happens to all writers and you just have to know how to overcome it. Keep reading to find out how!

Overcoming every writer’s biggest enemy

You can find useful tips to overcome writer’s block below. Here’s what you can do:

  • Experiencing writer’s block because you started writing without preliminary work e.g. outlining etc. – this writer’s block is easy to overcome. All you have to do is to write down all preliminary ideas that you’d like to express in your work, create a plan or outline of your work, and research. By the time you get info you need, the writer’s block will go away.

  • The topic is boring – we’ve all been there. You get a topic to write about but it’s incredibly boring and you feel like your mind is empty. To overcome this obstacle successfully, you should choose a particular aspect of the topic or something about it that you find interesting. Furthermore, you can talk to your tutor or client, ask them questions about the topic to get a detailed insight that you can use as guideline for your work. This will give you a few ideas to get started.

  • You don’t feel like writing/don’t understand the topic – convince yourself it is your responsibility to start writing and finish the project according to the schedule. Moreover, you should always bear in mind that every paper you write (for school or work) adds to your experience and makes you better i.e. use various motivational strategies that you find effective to inspire yourself to start writing. If you don’t understand assignment, consult your tutor or client or spend extra time researching the subject.

  • You’re stressed out – in this case, writer’s block goes away when you learn how to reduce or manage stress. This isn’t difficult; find your own unique way of stress management and relaxation and perform that action whenever you feel stressed out. It can be meditation, yoga, listening to music, going out for a short walk, jogging, doing crosswords, just about anything.

  • You feel self-conscious about your work – assure yourself that you just have to write first draft and nobody’s first draft is perfect. Do you think J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter became masterpiece as it is now without first draft and hard work to make that first draft better? It’s also helpful to divide task into smaller step. Each time you complete one step successfully, you will feel more confident and willing to work more.

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  • Set realistic goals and try to achieve them. Achieving realistic goal reduces anxiety. To determine realistic goal for your paper look at the assignment and take a few moments to think – determine what about be unrealistic and things that you can do. It also helps to divide your work into segments or milestones that you can achieve.

  • Create a “writing time” when writing is all you do. For example, decide that your writing time will be every day from 3 to 5pm. During this time, you shouldn’t use your phone, watch TV or anything else but write.

  • Write with others – no, I don’t mean to collaborate on same work with someone else but write with some other writers or students in the same room. This makes writing a normal part of your routine which works against the writer’s block.

  • Start writing at whatever point of your work you like, just write down everything you think of about certain subject and add other parts later. For example, most people know what to write in the body, but don’t know what to add into introduction. Then, write what you already know and add introduction later, by that time you will know what to write into that section.

  • Talk about what you want to write, even when nobody’s around, pretend like someone is sitting next to you and wants to know how you plan to finish your work. This will make you try harder, think creatively, and before you know it the writer’s block will vanish.

  • Eliminate phone, tablet, or other distractions that make you lose your focus

  • Create your own routine – many writers have their own daily routine that helps them stay focused.

  • Read inspiring and motivational quotes to boost your confidence and understand that every hard work will pay off. I write down new inspirational quote to my planner every morning and read it whenever I feel like I need a little “push”.

Experiencing writer’s block isn’t easy. It prevents you from continuing your work on a certain assignment and it also affects your confidence. Tips I mentioned in this post are very easy to follow and they’re effective. Next time you experience writer’s block, just follow one of these tips for instant “relief”. Good luck!

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