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The Perfect Essay Structure

The Perfect Essay Structure

The perfect essay structure is not some hidden treasure in a jungle where you have to fight all forms of monsters to acquire. It's just a set of simple guidelines. If you follow them correctly, you will always write an essay that will be the envy of your class. Guidelines are not there to lead you blindly to an unknown place. Consider it like a map that gives you directions to some destination. Your input and creativity are very important when using a guide. In essence, here you will get about 30%. The remaining 70% must be your own unique creation. A perfect essay should contain at least four distinguishable parts. Introduction, data analysis, counterarguments, and conclusion.


The first few sentences in any essay matter a lot. For instance, if you are writing an admission essay, you must write with the assumption that the reader might be an overworked professor who will not hesitate to throw a boring paper in the dustbin. You must use what is called a hook. It gives the reader the curiosity to read on. For instance, if you start with a sentence like this: "am sure this college is a ticket to my dream job." The next question the reader will ask is what makes you think so. They will definitely want to know by reading the rest of the essay.
The introduction also features the thesis statement. This is a strong statement that outlines your position and allows the reader to be ready for whatever you will write. If you are a movie fan, then this can be compared to a trailer. For instance, you must tell the reader what you are planning to write, how you will support your claims, and why you are taking a given position in the first place. If you are writing an argumentative essay, your reader should know why you have picked one side and not the other from your thesis. The statement also acts as a guide to ensure that you do not wander off topic. You should constantly revert back to the statement for reference as you introduce new points.

Data Analysis

You must support your claims by facts from reliable resources. If you are writing an admission essay, you can surprise the reader by mentioning a few facts of why you think the college is the best. Merely claiming that a college is good is not enough. You can even mention prominent alumni of the college who have made it in life. In essence, you must support your claims with evidence and reference facts accordingly. Remember, if you fail to quote your sources this amounts to plagiarism. Plagiarism is an academic offense that can get you expelled. 
It is always important to decide early enough the type of referencing style you want to use in the paper. A paper with more than one referencing styles demonstrates disorganization. Most faculties have guidelines that should help you put down your sources neatly. You can also go online for the latest versions of referencing styles. 


An intellectual argument should be philosophical. Ignoring opposing views is dangerous and will only demonstrate lack of critical thinking. If you are writing an admission essay, you might anticipate some questions that the reader might raise to oppose your stand. For instance, the reader might ask why you did not opt for a similar college or some other course. Anticipate the opposition questions the reader might pose and come up with convincing answers. You will also need supporting evidence for your claims. Therefore, doing your research conclusively is very important. 


Do not end your essay abruptly. You need to encourage the reader to reflect on the points you have raised. You need to influence the reader to consider your argument. The reader will respect you for this even when they do not agree with you. When summarizing, you will not need to introduce fresh arguments. All you need to do is give the reader a recap of the important points you have covered. In case, you are writing an argumentative essay, you can end your conclusion by posing a question that forces your reader to critically consider your stand. Unlike the other parts, the conclusion should not have in-text references. 

By now you should have realized that there is nothing mentioned here that you have not come across. Planning is very important and if you follow this structure, everything will fall in place perfectly. Good essays may fail to get the maximum score just because points are arranged haphazardly. After you have finished, read through your work loudly or have a friend read it for you. This should help in improving readability and removing grammatical errors. Writing a perfect essay is not a one-time achievement. It takes time and patience. So do not be hard on yourself even when you don't get it right the first time.

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