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Essay help for your San Francisco State University admission

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San Francisco

Essay Promts

Admission Essay Help

Every department has specific essay requirements.

Writing a Statement of Purpose usually required for graduate studies and scholarship applications.

Admission essay/personal statement essay prompts

Essays vary dramatically in a subject. However, most of them require a recounting of personal experience. The most important aspect of your essay is the subject matter.

  • What are your major accomplishments, and why do you consider them accomplishments? Do not limit yourself to accomplishments you have been formally recognized for since the most interesting essays often are based on accomplishments that may have been trite at the time but become crucial when placed in the context of your life. This is especially true if the scholarship committee receives a list of your credentials anyway.
  • Does any attribute, quality, or skill distinguish you from everyone else? How did you develop this attribute?
  • Consider your favorite books, movies, works of art, etc. Have these influenced your life in a meaningful way? Why are they your favorites?
  • What was the most difficult time in your life, and why? How did your perspective on life change as a result of the difficulty?
  • Have you ever struggled mightily for something and succeeded? What made you successful?
  • Have you ever struggled mightily for something and failed? How did you respond?
  • Of everything in the world, what would you most like to be doing right now? Where would you most like to be? Who, of everyone living and dead, would you most like to be with? These questions should help you realize what you love most.
  • What have you done outside of the classroom that demonstrates qualities sought after by universities? Of these, which means the most to you?
  • What are your most important extracurricular or community activities? What made you join these activities? What made you continue to contribute to them?
  • What are your dreams of the future? When you look back on your life in thirty years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What people, things, and accomplishments do you need? How does this particular scholarship fit into your plans for the future?

Office of Admissions Contacts

Undergraduate Admissions
Campus location: One Stop, Student Services Building
Phone: 415/338-6486
Fax: 415/338-3880
Email: Email us using our Undergraduate Admissions Form

Graduate Admissions
Campus location: Grad Stop, Administration Building 250
Phone: 415/338-2234
Fax: 415/405-0340
Email: [email protected]

Advising and Orientation
Campus location: Administration Building 211
Phone: 415/338-1304
Email: [email protected]

Career Counselor
Career Service [email protected]


Alumni statistics

Where they live

San Francisco Bay Area – 101,013
Greater Los Angeles Area – 8,247
Sacramento, California Are – 3,597
Greater New York City Area – 3,195
Greater San Diego Area – 2,432

Where they work

Kaiser Permanente – 1,120
Wells Fargo – 827
San Francisco Unified School District – 802
UCSF – 727
Genentech – 655

What they do

Education – 14,719
Operations – 11,914
Media and Communication – 11,690
Sales – 11,176
Entrepreneurship – 10,379
Arts and Design – 9,291
Administrative – 7,555
Healthcare Services – 7,271

What they studied

Business Administration and Management, General – 9,244
Psychology – 8,569
Marketing – 6,068
English Language and Literature/Letters – 5,298
Communication, General – 5,177
Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies – 4,598
Computer Science – 3,837
Political Science and Government – 3,731

Essay Topic Generator

What they’re skilled at

Customer Service – 33,945
Microsoft Office – 32,681
Public Speaking – 26,702
Management – 26,192
Social Media – 25,133
Microsoft Excel – 24,996
Leadership – 23,244
Research – 22,574

Gary Clayton

Gary Member Board of Directors at Stealth Startup

Advisor at Saffron Technology
Investor at Jawbone
Advisor at ToyTalk, Inc.
BA, Communications 1978 – 1981



Chris Larsen

Chris CEO Ripple, creators of the Ripple Network

CEO And Co-Founder at Prosper.com
CEO and Co-Founder at E-LOAN
CEO and Co-Founder at Ripple
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Accounting and Finance 1982 – 1984


Stephen Gillett

StephenMoonshots at Google

Senior Director, Engineering at Yahoo!
Director, Information Technology at Wineshopper.com
Chief Information Officer, GM Digital Ventures at Starbucks
Master Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration, Management and Operations 2003 – 2006


Bonnie Orofino

BonnieChief Merchandising Officer at Restoration Hardware

DMM, Home at Mervyns
Group Sales Manager at Macy’s
BA, Industrial Arts, Retail 1980 – 1982



Recommendations to apply


I graduated from SFSU in June/1992 with a BA in Psychology and had a great experience while I was there. The classes were challenging, the people were great peers, which for some, turned out to be great friends! Besides, who can pass up a chance for enrichment & learning at a school like SFSU!

Michael Ridad, MBA ARMLead Examiner at ADPMichael
Lead Examiner at ADP
1990 – 1992, Bachelors

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