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During the essay writing when it comes to read, we have this idea of boring log hours in a desk, or fresh wind in our face in front of the beach or park. Nowadays in the technological era and with social media we have the impression that we read a lot less than back in the old days. When in fact is proved that we are reading more and lots of it. So it might sound positive, but are we selective the reading or are we being imposed to read all this?

All of a sudden you are in the middle of a birthday party and the 70% of the people is constantly looking at their phones due notifications in social media. They might not get completely caught up into the “new post” of someone, but they have already read half of the post when deciding it wasn’t worth the time. If you sit down and count all the time you are putting into stream reading, you will come up with a full time job or so. I’m not saying is a bad thing, but when have you actually enjoy reading a complete book with a cup of tea (or coffee) and nothing else to disturb you? It happens to be that reading is one of the exercises your mind needs and whatever comes inside, it creates an idea in your head, either you like it or not. You know that old trick “Don’t think of an elephant” and you are already thinking of it! So, that’s how it goes.

Strategic reading is to have a purpose to read (in short words). And how can you come up with a purpose?

i.e. You are in some kind of trouble. Let’s say, financially… and all you have done so far is complain about it, or ask for help (human nature, is okay). Why don’t you make your own research about it?

I remember this fifty year old lady who has been struggling with finances for a decade or so; and all she kept on saying was that she didn’t know where all the money was going. So I asked her a simple question: ‘Have you checked your budget?’ and she said ‘I never learned how to do one…’ ..

I couldn’t believe that, I mean, I grew up in a protestant church and we all practice tithe according to the bible obedience (we give 10% out of our income back to God because bible explains it doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to God).. so my mom taught me to make budgets when I was in primary, because I needed to tithe out of my pocket money income, and so on other small plans as saving and so on. At the end of each month I used to count how much I saved throughout the month, and then at the end of each year. Whiting the years it became a habit that I enjoyed much doing: budgeting! Because I could see my future plans coming true, since I knew how much exactly I was going to need by then.

Growing up with this constant practice and then listening to the lady that never learned how to make a budget, I tried helping out about it. But, I had a laud question in my mind ‘why she never learn, there are so many digital or print books and articles online, I found it weird. So I had to ask, and she said that she didn’t know she could look for such things online…. She looked for pint books back in the days, but she gave up. Although she reads lots and lots of crime and romantic novels, but finances are her thing.

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So, was her reading strategically? No really, and what’s the difference when you have a minor problem? Do you actually take the time and look for the answer? Do you investigate? Or you just go with the flow and submerge in the issue?

A to do list of the ‘topics’ to read is important such as a monthly budget. If you think that there aren’t things you need to read, and then think again, we always need to know things. I know that reading takes time and effort, so if you are a busy person, you might try the audiobooks as well. Or, place such reading topics and time where time is being wasted, such as while taking the subway, on the way to work… or while in the cap, the airplane, the bus… etc.

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And how do I know this? Because I love learning!

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