Structural Features of Compare and Contrast Essay

access_timeMarch 28, 2018

Persuasive essays are written to convince the target audience to share in a writer’s worldview. The writer can either decide to oppose or propose a topic. In each case, sound arguments have to be expressed to strengthen the topic.

The writer has to deeply nurture understanding among readers. This is by stressing the reliability of the adopted standpoint and the unreliability of the countered standpoint. The thesis statement must also increase readers’ faith in the persuasive essay. A persuasive essay furnished with a strong thesis accomplishes the intended purpose. A strong thesis realizes the following:

  • Gives readers a clear explanation of the essay’s key message.
  • Ensures the essay retains rationality entirely.

Below is a list of tips on writing a strong thesis for a persuasive essay.

1. Write a precise thesis

A strong thesis informs readers of the purpose of the persuasive essay accurately. It adopts a thoughtful attitude in revealing arguments. The readers do not strain to understand what the writer is really talking about. A strong thesis example- online marketing has more power than traditional marketing methods because it overcomes geographical barriers in creating awareness about education opportunities in colleges.

2. Integrate an opinion

A persuasive essay writing process requires expression of an authentic and sound opinion by a writer. Writers should write a thesis only if certain they have established a great opinion about the topic of concern. It is essential because a claim must be evident in the thesis. It should have the ability to be challenged by readers. Evaluating whether thesis statement has the potential to be challenged should be done. It is one way of finding out if strong thesis has been written. If it is discovered that the thesis is a mere presentation of facts that cannot be disputed, it is a sign of a weak thesis.

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3. Include evidence

Evidence is included to support a writer’s opinion in a thesis statement. Evidence adds weight to the thesis. It displays a writer’s wealth of information about the topic of discussion. When evidence is used, it is less difficult for a writer to persuade readers to accept his standpoint. The reader develop confidence in the topic which is sustained until the end. Sometimes a thesis can involve advancing an argument that readers are not conversant with. To maintain its credibility, evidence can be included and the claim made afterwards. Highlight the evidence first increases awareness among readers. They are able to establish to connect with the essay.

4. Address the why and how questions

This is one technique of writing a strong thesis. It makes a thesis focused and practical. Failure to address either of these questions destabilizes the power of a thesis. The earlier example about online marketing and traditional marketing given in point number meets this requirement. It explains why online marketing is effective in contrast to the old-style marketing. The supremacy of a persuasive essay is not determined by how many arguments are advanced. It is the writing style that strengthens the arguments. One determinant that boosts the writing style is a well written thesis statement as explained in the aforementioned tips. Writers should continuously employ the tips to sway the mode of thinking of readers towards their perceptions.

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