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Thesis Paper Writing by Edusson

Thesis vs dissertation

These two notions are interchangeable and both applied to a paper required at the final stage of bachelor’s/master’s degree or doctorate. Similarities notwithstanding, learners should tell one piece of work from another. A thesis is required to perform in order to graduate and acquire bachelor’s/master’s degree. The purpose of this writing assignment is to give the students an opportunity to show what they have learned during the course of studying and how they manage to gather and analyze all the necessary information. A dissertation is an independent research that students are supposed to perform in order to complete doctorate. It is quite different comparing to a thesis as it includes elaboration of the new concepts, theories and methods of investigation.  

The definition of the term ‘thesis’

As matter of fact, writing a master’s or bachelor’s thesis consists of theoretical, practical (analytical) and project parts. In most cases, it is carried out during the last months of the studying. This writing task is regarded as ageneralized statement of results of scientific research and indicates the author’s contribution to science. This process requires high level of scientific and professional knowledge, creative problem-solving and time management skills. Moreover, the graduates are to provide their own assessment of the current state of world science and offer general and specific changes and improvements. 

Also, the work includes a great range of activities: close reading, time planning, setting goals and objectives of the work, project management, determination of the angle of the research and performing of practical assignments and experiments. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the learner will not perform the work on time because ofthe great amount of tasks and requirements. However, the struggling students can buy research paper online and be free to spend their time on other necessary activities.  

The thesis paper should show your ability to:

  • Use theoretical knowledge you acquired during the course of studying on practice; 
  • Create new theories and develop fresh view on the concepts of your field; 
  • Raise problems and justify their relevance;
  • Determine goals and objectives of the study;
  • Develop a logical framework of the work; 
  • Gather and analyze data in order to improve the arguments in your research;
  •  Justify your own generalizations, conclusions and suggestions. 

The thesis writing process

Dissertation Writing Style. Generally, the tutor should provide you with the required style of writing. The format rules can vary from one department to another. There are four popular styles: APA, Chicago, Harvard and MLA. Every style has its own spacing and font size parameters, different title pages requirements and various section names. For instance, the reference list can belabeled as “Bibliography” in Chicago style, “Works cited” in MLA style or “References” in APA and Harvard style. Check which style is preferred in your department and follow the guidance provided by the institution.  

Relevance. Do not forget that your work should be relevant to the current state of the chosen field. Make sure that your conclusions and solutions to the given tasks can be considered ascontribution to the subject of studying. You are to create a new view on the topic of the research and conduct detailed investigation on the chosen phenomenon.

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Size. It is obvious thatthe amount of words in the thesis is much larger than in the essay and coursework. Most of the time, the learners are assigned to write up to 100 pages. The page number minimum varies from one institution to another. Check the work count minimum and maximum and stick to it while writing.  

References. References and quotations areintegral part of any task. The reference list is usually placed after the last chapter before the appendix. In most cases, it includes author’s name, title of the book, date of publication and the publisher’s name. Make sure that you provided all necessary information about the source of the quotation. In addition, you can use paraphrased ideas of the author or so-called in-text citations. In this case, provide the name of the author and the page number in brackets. It is allowed to use books, journal articles and some electronic sources as a reference.               

Plagiarism. The final paper should be zero-plagiarized. Consequently, your content is supposed to be 100% authentic and include only unique information. The students often make a mistake choosing non-reliable articles as a source foranalyzing. Also, it is forbidden to refer to non-existent authors or make up the results of the experiment. Learners are to support their arguments with reliable data and trustworthy sources.  

N.B. Neglecting of these basic rules can affect your grade and result in disqualification of your thesis. 

The basic elements of the procedure

Plan the activities
Check the deadline and 
organize your work due to the requirements. Make sure that you will manage to perform your work right on time. To make the process easier, you can organize your workplace and turn off the notification. Also, you can reward yourself at the end of every stage of your plan.    

Write a thesis paper outline
At the first stage, students should write a brief draft and show it to their tutor. Do not be afraid to ask 
question if something is unclear to you, but remember that tutor’s duty is to provide you with requirements and check your work on the first steps, therefore do not except them to write the paper for you.     

Structure your paper
A thesis includes 
title page, annotation/abstract, list of chapters, introduction with goals and objectives of the paper, several paragraphs and subparagraphs, conclusions with the results and contributions of your research, works cited list and applications.   

Make good writing
Stick to your plan and try to find the solution to the problems you set in the introduction. Justify
you arguments, but do not write at length without any clear point or aim.

Check the work on plagiarism
The learners are to deliver a 
completely unique paper on chosen topic. If you have plagiarized writing, it can affect your grade or lead to disqualification. As a rule, the members of the committee check the paper on plagiarism or unreliable references before the thesis defence.

Proofread your paper more than once
The academic paper should be devoid of the grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Go to online proofreading website and choose the service “Check my paper” and correct mistakes. Remember that it can miss some mistakes, therefore do not be lazy to reread and check the work by yourself.

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Defend a thesis. As a final part of the thesis, you are to deliver your work with a small speech and PowerPoint presentation. You will be assessed by the committee (department head,member of the faculty, tutors and independent experts). To get ready for the defense, you can attend the thesis defenses of your colleagues.     

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