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Tips and tricks to identify effects for each cause

Tips and tricks to identify effects for each cause

In every paper that you write, you need to ensure that you have included the main point or central message. The argument that you make in your effect essay should reflect the main idea. The sentences that captures your position regarding the topic that you are talking about is known as thesis statement. It often a judgment or opinion that you have based on personal experience or through reading. It actually forms the central argument for your easy. Thesis statement that is not well formulated will not only sound weak but will also be a clear sign that the essay lacks direction a factor that will make it uninteresting for the reader. It is therefore very important to ensure that it is well written and concise.

Below are tips and tricks for writing a strong thesis statement for essay.

1. Ensure that the statement is a claim or an argument

One thing that many people don’t know is that thesis statements are not fact, instead they are statement that are gives room to more discussion or debate. For instance, if you write a thesis statement like this: ’The ability of the politician to campaign during election period will impact on the outcome.’’ This is not an indisputable point meaning that it is actually not a statement. On the other hand, if you write a statement like this: ’The United Nations was established to enhance diplomacy between countries.’’ This is a thesis statement because it is more likely to spark more debate.

2. It should not be too much of an opinion

Although a good thesis statement should be able inspire more debate, it should not be too opinionated. For instance, a statement like: ’Congressional elections are usually determined by the money that the candidate has.’’ Although this statement actually makes a claim, the reality is that it is too opinionated and not good enough to bring an argument. On the other hand, a statement like: ’The United Nations is not able to prevent war.’’ This is actually a thesis statement because it raises a claim that is debatable. However, at this format, it does not offer what the reader is looking for meaning that the author is simply stating a statement that must be substantiated by evidence.

3. It should be focused, not too broad

When writing thesis statement, it is very important to stay focused. Don’t argue an overly broad topic because you are going to feel confused and uncertain about the essay direction and purpose. For example don’t write a thesis statement like ''eating fast food is bad for your health and should be avoided''. This is because this statement to general it will be very difficult to defend. It will leave a lot of questions to answer such as; why are fast foods bad? Are all fast foods bad? Why should you care? A good a thesis statement should be: ''Americans should reduce the consumption of fast foods because they can cause lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes''. In this statement, you will have narrowed your argument to health consequences of fast foods. In addition to that, you will have also focused on America as opposed to everyone in the universe. 

In conclusion, a thesis statement not only helps the reader to clearly understand what the author is talking about but it also demonstrates the intelligence of the author. By following the above mentioned tips and tricks, you will be able to write a compelling thesis statement that is clear, concise and objective.

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