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Tips to emphasize your argument/point

Tips to emphasize your argument/point

Argumentive essays are quite common both in most high schools colleges nowadays. And even then, there is no denying that almost any writing assignment that you will encounter in the course of your stay at school will require you to make a stand/argument on certain issues. This is what your instructors will popularly refer to as your 'thesis' or position on the subject in question. Just like a lawyer in front of a jury in a courtroom, your main task is to take a stand and defend, persuade or convince the audience to see things from your point of view in the best way possible.

However, most students grapple with this due to a number of reasons that we will discuss later. The result is weakly stated and explained argumentative points that basically translates to a poorly-written paper.

Fortunately, however, here are some valuable pointers that should come in handy in improving your argumentative prowess the next time you are required to emphasize your point/argument.

1. Choose a Focal Point

In other words, this means finding a focus that will form the main backdrop of your argument. At this juncture, ensure that it is something that allows you the flexibility to say/support something new about the problem statement. For instance, if you are writing a paper whose main agenda is to describe the role of technology in modern marketing, you could choose to focus mainly on social media platforms and how they have revolutionized the idea of reaching an infinite audience.

2. Find a Pattern

Just how a crime detective relies on patterns to make conclusive remarks based on the evidence collected, you will also need to go and shine some light on your 'evidence' right after coming up with a general focus. It is imperative to note that without a focus, it is almost impossible to come up with a real persuasive/argumentative essay/point.

In the same light, you have to re-examine all the evidence that supports your case in order to develop your argument as completely and conclusively as possible. For example, going by our case study above, you might find out that social media platforms have helped over a dozen startups find their way to the fortune 500 list over the past 5 years or so. In other words, a pattern allows you the latitude to support your argument with solid, quantifiable facts/figures.

3. Refine your Arguments

As it often happens, at times you will need to twist some of the ideas that precede or follow the body of the essay in a bid to bring some continuity to the whole essay. This is also known as refining your argument or stand in a bid to connect with the emotions of the reader.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, argumentative essays are honed on the meticulous flow of thoughts/evidence to bring out the best side of your stand in a compelling and grammatically correct manner. This implies that the easiest way of making your point is by supporting your analysis through a coherent organization of classical examples, expert opinions, and statistics. And it goes without saying that the collaborative evidence has to be well-researched and re-emphasized throughout the essay.

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