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How to choose a topic for your essay?

I’ve received this letter from a student who is concerned about topics for essays.


“Dear Edusson


I’m usually struggling at school because of essay writing. Sometimes I try copying other people’s essays and I just change the words; but it seems that I can’t never really do it on my own from scratch.

My teacher is very demanding and is even worst for me when we have to choose the topic ourselves.

Can you help me out?





Hello Stephanie, thanks for writing. Let me tell you that I’m glad that you have taken the initiative to look for professional essay help, very mature of you.

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Now, regarding your essay’s issue, I would say that the first thing to take into consideration is to have the main idea of the essay. Let’s say your teacher gives you the topic “Climate change”; the best way to get this done, would be to read everything you can about the topic. You’d probably know a lot of it anyway, but it’s advised to always look for more information so your brain can generate more ideas related to this topic, specially to develop a strong opinion using critical thinking, since an essay is a mix of a long opinion or various short ones and some fact information from the different sources. Second, parallel to reading you should be taking notes. Whenever you have an idea, fact information that has gotten your attention, you should be writing it down to help with the topic and then you can divide or put the ideas together in paragraph following a standard essay format. Third, you should be reading and writing with a dictionary next to you, every time you don’t understand a word, look for it. It will not only help you to get more words into your vocabulary and expand your lexis, but it will also give you a sense of control, since you’ll know what you are reading in fully comprehension, don’t get lazy on this as most of people do.


On the other hand, if your teacher doesn’t give you a topic, and it seems that you struggle the most with this; the creativity plays the main part. Any topic that comes to your mind has big potential as long as you develop it. Reading could also help here.


First, choose a topic:


1. Trash: Why is trash selection important for recycling? Is everything in the bin, trash? Can we do more out of the trash? Do people find food in the trash? Should we throw away whatever we don’t use? How can we avoid contamination?


2. Superpowers:  What superpower would you choose if there was a possibility? What planet or element would it represent? Does this power is a fictional thing or is it possible to exist? Can you identify yourself within it? Is there a health condition that could be compared to this? What if you family had it and you don’t?


As you see, the more questions you ask yourself about the topic, the best it goes. Most of the time, one answer to these questions can be easily put into a paragraph… and so on. The important thing in an essay is being able to develop the idea and keep the structure and format in order, whether grammar, punctuation, spelling, connotations, collocations, etc. The best is to have it all in consideration; if it is easy for.


Remember the positive things of writing, and try enjoying it because is a big part of your educational and professional well-being. Developing this ability will take you further in life not only at school, but also later on your future job. And this is the time you have to learn, make mistakes and do it all over again. See, the most important thing is to grow into knowledge and practice your writing to get better and better. Your teacher will see your efforts and will appreciate from you when putting into practice all of the lessons.

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