Essays: Robot Don Goes for Uk Essays

access_timeMarch 30, 2018

Robot Don goes for UK Essays


As many of us know Edusson has created Robot Don, a machine learning tool that checks and grades text. So he together with his human pal Michiell has purported to analyze the webpages content of most popular UK essay writing services.

Why he thinks it’s fun and useful?

Robot Don has a logical mind. He thinks that writer services would write their best when it comes to their own pages. So, think of it as a way to test a writing service)

Overall Score: 7/10

The facts

The main page content is adequate in number and contain not much ‘water’, i.e. insignificant words, placeholders. That’s what your professor does not like, does she?

The motto

“Services in UK write essays in order to get Guarantees. Essay can be delivered all times”

That’s what we see on the basis of keywords recency on the Mainpage. Arguably, this is the text motto, i.e. what they want to say in the first place.

Services 30
Uk 21
Write 20
Essays 16
Order 15
Guarantees 14
Essay 12
Times 10
Delivered 10
Can 10

‘Out of order’

Robot Don thinks that Adverbs are used in text 41 times (2.87 %). Should be used no more than 28 times (2 %) . Specifically, UKEssays are too hard on words ‘Out’, ‘Of’ and ‘Order’ in their text. Out is used 12 times, Order — 15 times.

Likewise, if Kim Kardashian is hard on ‘So’ word, which is somehow justified (she is so after all), UKEssays say out [of] order too many times. What do want to say after all?

‘For’ what?

Also, they mention words ‘but’ and ‘for’. They go like ‘for you’, ‘for perfection’, ‘for your model answer’ and ‘for plagiarism’. ‘For’ used 17 times. By the way, Robot Don uses Porter Stemming Algorithm to find the word roots in the text.

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Robot Don says:

‘UK Essays Mainpage is like Bible’
Judging by the The Gunning fog index


Gunning fog index: 5.49

The ideal score for readability with the Gunning Fog index is 7 or 8. Anything above 12 is too hard for most people to read. For instance, The Bible, Shakespeare and Mark Twain have Fog Indexes of around 6. The leading magazines, like Time, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal average around 11.

Robot Don says:

UK Essays knows you are in a college.
That’s why it is difficult to read

Flesch-Kincaid readability test: 46.11

Main page text is rather difficult to read. It requires a college level of education. It is not the Conversational Language for an Average consumer. Instead, it can be compared to a legal document, for example, a life insurance contract — in fact, Florida requires that life insurance policies have a Flesch reading ease score of 45 or greater.

In the Flesch reading-ease test, higher scores indicate material that is easier to read; lower numbers mark passages that are more difficult to read. The formula for the Flesch reading-ease score (FRES) test is

Scores can be interpreted as shown in the table below.

Source: Wikipedia

The bottomline

Robot Don tried to give you a picture of unbiased, scientific analysis of the text written on the Mainpage of UK Essay webisite. He thought it’s interesting to know how well they perform in terms of the text quality, as it may predict the quality of essays they type. Now you can see it all. Curious of what Robot Don can do for you? Drop him a message with your own text — he can do the same for you. It’s free!

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