Using Sleeping Time to Add Some Knowledge to the Unconscious (For Busy People Too)

access_timeApril 2, 2018


Sacred time uh! According to this article of MSN we spend 26 years in sleepy time in a 75 years average. That means that a 35% of your life is all about dreaming (not every time, and most of the time you don’t even remember).

So, have you ever thought of using this time as part of your learning time?

There are claims that we can learn languages while sleeping or therapies to make you confident, and so on. One of my favorite films of all times is Inception (what does a movie have to do with all this?). Well, according to the brilliant idea of Christopher Nolan, the movie tells us how DiCaprio gets into people’s minds through the dreams and steals their ideas or something like that. I love this movie, because it gives us a hint of a real life fact. Sleeping time can be as productive or unproductive as any other time in the day, depending on how you spend it. My personal theory about this was developed while growing up. I used to record myself reading study text or questions plus answers during exam periods, and then listening while sleeping. All the years I did this, I always succeed it high scores. When I get to high school, I stopped using it (silly me- don’t even remember why) and I started losing it. Then when I got sixteen I started working in the afternoons and I found it very difficult to make some time to study, but then I remembered my old trick. I started doing it again and voila! It was all back. I remember scoring the highest marks on the English test (all that Macbeth and Hamlet stuff to remember plus the new lessons techniques that never stop coming …) and even my teacher was surprised because she knew my schedule. The thing is that I never stopped doing it until now… I discovered that some days are just impossible to sleep with noise, but I also learn that the mind needs time to process it all. Therefore, doing this once or twice a week it will be okay, maximum three times a week maybe… you can do it while taking a nap too on Sundays afternoons, or during the week. It’s up to you; get to know your mind.

Essay Editors that may help

Remember when I said in the previous post about audiobooks… there are tons of stuff to listen. I also mentioned that being selective is important, so don’t go and put any audiobook to play… You need to know what you are putting into your mind, be careful with that too. Maybe you don’t want or need to learn anything this week? So, get into Mozart or any other relaxing tracks that will stimulate your intelligence and brain. Now you can also find lectures and courses, use it all and prioritize your interests and needs.

You can prepare monthly themes or so and then put it to sleep. By own experience I can tell you that you fall sleep even deeper but is important to have a maximum of one hour and a half of ‘noise’, because then, your brain thinks you need to wake up and consciously catch all this information and you don’t want to wake up at three in the morning just to turn it off. Set a ruled plan… You’ll find yourself knowing things that you don’t remember exactly “reading” or “learning” but they are now there because you learned them while you were sleeping. This doesn’t mean that you’ll wake up speaking Mandarin all of sudden, remember to stay realistic and practice makes the master.

The wonders of knowledge are that no one can take it away from you!

And how do I know this? Because I love learning!

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