What is Argumentative Essay and How to Deal with It?

access_timeMarch 29, 2018

First of all, let’s have a look how the argumentative essays look like. Some may say that essay writings of such type in general are mostly the same as any other: they should include introduction, main body and essay conclusion. And they will be absolutely right, to some extent.

But the very special thing here is the main body where the arguments and refutations are written. And, actually, that’s where the main aim of argumentative essays lays, and this is what distinguishes it out of the other writing styles. Generally, it may be described as rather minimalistic and informative style, without any frills and bells and whistles.

Seems quite clear and logical, right? And same as every specified writing substyle it has its pitfalls. That’s about what this particular writing guide is.

Lets get started with argumentative essay

You have the topic and, of course, the desire and the will to create something really good. I must admit that it’s pretty cool when you are interested in your topic and have enough words to say and thoughts to share. It feels a lot whether the writer is interested in what he writes or not. Put yourself together and realize that you are getting off an early start, the writing journey is about to begin. Seems like it’s high time for making an argumentative essay outline!

Essay Topic Generator

If you’re freshmen in writing it may seem rather difficult to start, but after finding your own writing inspiration things will get better very, very swiftly. Anyway, after several minutes of meaningless glances into the white screen and staring at the flashing dash at the beginning of the line in new document thoughts usually come up, one by one.

Plan is a basis of your work

Remember that the plan is your guide in this little creative voyage; a good plan is a vital part of your future essay. Writing something without a plan is like wandering around unknown city without a map, takes a lot of time and energy. Or like drawing a picture without sketching it; anyone can think over a lot of other examples. You may be surprised, but having the main plan done you will get a great weight off your mind. I mean, it’s really such a relief when you know where and what you should say next.

If it seems difficult for the first time you can either surf through the Internet and find some articles about essay planning or find some pictures with schemes or anagrams which may help in the future. Having such printed or written reminders also can serve you well. In some cases there’s even no need in writing a plan down, you just can keep it in mind. Of course, if you can. It depends on your special features so it’s just a matter of subjectivity.

Evidence for argumentative essay

Find some interesting facts on your topic and try to use them in your work. It’s better to have powerful informative background before writing things of such kind or you can just refresh main points of the subject you are writing about. It will be a skeleton for the next actions. Once you’ve brushed up the background and main thesis of your essay you may stop for a while staring in the screen again (yes, it happens that often at the very beginning) and looking for appropriate words. This is totally normal. This is what usually happens while thinking over the future text and, you know, it’s like an integral part of the writing process in general.

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Overcome creative block

Do not panic if you faced such symptoms of creative crisis. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea or coffee, and everything will be all right. If it won’t help – walk here and there in the room, or open the window to feel some fresh air, I don’t know. Find something that inspires you the most and let it fill your brain. It doesn’t mean that you should go at the disco party of 80’s or something like that, because you still have to write the essay, aren’t you? But having clear argumentative essay ideas in your mind and knowing some essay hacks and tricks will help you to find the easy way out.

The greatest way to do something is start doing something, so don’t be afraid. Write briefly about what you’re going to cover up in your essay; this is the main aim of introduction, and sometimes it makes the future progress much easier. Good intro and catchy title are the considerable part of the work. Word by word, thought by thought – the road leads to the main part of the essay, so here we go!

Use critical thinking in argumentative essay writing

The essay form is shaped, the first step on the way to success is already done, and so what’s next? The next step is really quite easy. Use critical thinking and spread your own ideas and views; this will move you further and it won’t be a challenge to continue up till the end. Point out the main claims on the subject. Gather your thoughts together and follow the flow of what you’ve planned beforehand. Remember what I’ve said about the plan? That’s it. Write your arguments, develop them and add the most correct and adequate proofs of your rightness.

Checked evidences and reliable references are even more than welcomed, they are really needed here. And don’t forget to add links and references where they should be, it shows that you’ve really worked on your essay well. If there’s some quotation – mention, whose one it is. If you hesitate or have some doubts – look through more essay hook examples, check out the links and surf through important information for one more time. Write two or three main evidences with several points. Keep in mind that descriptions without explanations are not your friends at all. Don’t overload the text with complicated sentences or constructions; it will make it cumbersome and sophisticated. In such case some difficulties and misunderstandings may appear while reading. After all, brevity is the soul of wit, as Shakespeare says.

Having all this stuff done you will come to the next, and very close to the last step.

Home Stretch

Sorted out almost fifty or even more percent of your argumentative essay you will face with the refutations. Be objective and not very severe while writing and try not to be too judgmental or arrogant, it’s no good at all. Even if you really absolutely disagree with the states given. Also there is no need in a hostile attitude against the opponent views, you are just writing an argumentative essay. So write few opposing views and refutations to them and… well, the general part is almost done. Check all the information carefully not to strike the mud with your face. Repetition is everything for a non-skilled essay writer, but about it we will talk a little bit later. All that remain is to write a conclusion which will sum up everything you have written foregoing. The conclusion should not be voluminous or overloaded by thoughts; be brief and minimalistic.

Revise your argumentative essay

The greatest amount of work is already behind. Some editing and recheck – and your masterpiece is definitely finished. You may wonder why this part is so important. I’ll tell you. Sometimes while double-checking you may discover something really sufficient and valuable, or something missing, so try doing it at least to feel safer and more confident about the work done. Even I’ve checked this one certain text for many-many times before sharing it, and there was a lot of things to change and edit. Something sounded not very good, or seemed not clear enough.

Also, repetition helps to find out some text defects; it’s kind of troubleshooting and a substantial part of essay editing and writing as a process in its broad meaning. You may notice some misprints or errors in spelling which were unseen previously. Or you may remember something that you wanted to say but forgot during the writing. Read about common mistakes and their solutions  to improve your writing. If you still feel that something isn’t sitting right or missing read you essay thoughtfully until you’ll find the root of the problem. There are enough online services for checking grammar and spelling mistakes, also there are many services with the help of which you can check your work for plagiarism.

Have someone check your paper

The journey is almost finished. Ask a friend of yours to share his opinion and impressions about your work if you have some doubts, it is also a good way to double-check the text for one more time. Sometimes a fresh unbiased view can play a very important role in such cases. Feel free to share your argumentative essay with your professor and get the highest mark.

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Hope that this guide was useful and you had a pleasure while writing your essay. Well done!

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