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Essay myths and truths

Essay myths and truths

There are many myths that surround the world of essay writing which mostly originate from those who don’t know much about essay writing. In this article, we will explore most of the essay myths and truths.
How to Create Expository Essay Outline

How to Create Expository Essay Outline

While essays give you an opportunity to showcase the knowledge of some subject, use vocabulary skills to make the paper more authoritative, and demonstrate your writing skills, they also have some rules you should follow. Writing a high-quality essay that will make your professor (or client) really happy doesn’t only depend on a thorough understanding of the topic, but the structure as well. There are various types of essay and they require the unique outline. I’ve already posted guidelines for other forms of an essay that you can check in previously published articles. This time, I’m going to show you how to create expository essay outline.

Discovering Essay Types: Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, Argumentative

For several students, writing essays is usually the least favorite assignment. A majority of students feel a sense of frustration and confusion as well as a sense of being overwhelmed when it comes to writing an excellent essay. On the brighter side, in reality, essay writing is not too difficult after you become aware of the basics. So, mentioned below are four basic types of essay with an appropriate description of each.
How to make your essay more coherent?

How to make your essay more coherent?

Writing an essay can be stressful as there are a lot of factors to consider like essay form, essay hooks, writing hooks and essay form. Then you need to factor the abstract aspects, like writing ideas and writing inspiration. However, all of these rarely matters if your essay incoherent to begin with. You should aim first for a good coherent essay, and move from there. To help you improve the coherency of your essays, here are 5 important writing guide and tips.
Tricks to connect different ideas in writing

Tricks to connect different ideas in writing

Despite having the most convincing and brilliant ideas in the world, no one is likely to pay attention if those ideas are not properly structured and connected. Your readers need to transition smoothly from one thought to another, else they will definitely find something else to read or do. The question that comes to your mind after reading the above prompt is, how do I get to achieve this, or am I doing it the right way? To answer your question(s) here are some tricks to connect different Ideas in writing.
Why is strong essay outline important

Why is strong essay outline important

Writing an outstanding essay is governed by many factors. One of these factors is an appealing essay outline. A great essay outline makes essay writing a well-organized process. An essay outline is an essay writing a step that is indispensable. It is what gives an essay a touch of cohesion in the communication of thoughts, ideas, and opinions. In most cases, it is not given much thought by writers. The majority of writers downplay the writing phase of formulating an essay outline yet this is what steers an essay in the right direction. This article will purpose to enlighten readers about why a strong essay outline is important.
Essay Conclusion - how to write it properly

Essay Conclusion - how to write it properly

Writing a conclusion is sometimes the most difficult part of an essay and many writers feel exhausted by the time they reach the end of the paper with a left to say after writing so much. It is important for the students to understand and realize the importance of conclusions and it is often the concluding lines that readers remember best, and it should be a very convincing and substantial part of their essay. You should ensure that your conclusion is to sing and to the point. The last thing you want is to have your conclusion go on for another two pages. Although in certain academic circles this is a requirement, for many it will just seem like you are trying to fill space and you will most likely end up repeating yourself as well which is never good.
Tips to emphasize your argument/point

Tips to emphasize your argument/point

Argumentive essays are quite common both in most high schools colleges nowadays. And even then, there is no denying that almost any writing assignment that you will encounter in the course of your stay at school will require you to make a stand/argument on certain issues. This is what your instructors will popularly refer to as your 'thesis' or position on the subject in question. Just like a lawyer in front of a jury in a courtroom, your main task is to take a stand and defend, persuade or convince the audience to see things from your point of view in the best way possible.
Tips and tricks to identify effects for each cause

Tips and tricks to identify effects for each cause

In every paper that you write, you need to ensure that you have included the main point or central message. The argument that you make in your effect essay should reflect the main idea. The sentences that captures your position regarding the topic that you are talking about is known as thesis statement. It often a judgment or opinion that you have based on personal experience or through reading. It actually forms the central argument for your easy. Thesis statement that is not well formulated will not only sound weak but will also be a clear sign that the essay lacks direction a factor that will make it uninteresting for the reader. It is therefore very important to ensure that it is well written and concise.
How to compare and contrast entirely different factors?

How to compare and contrast entirely different factors?

More often than not, the students submit a writing outline that either lists down all the schools and colleges/universities in their city and a description of each, or a writing style that focuses only on comparing or on contrasting alone. But what really is the proper essay form and the writing process to be used for a Compare and Contrast Essay? Are they one and the same?


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