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Case Study Analysis of two company

Assignment, Marketing, 5 pages

Customer service recommend me another writer

Read Instructions

Assignment, Business, 9 pages

I made a mistake when placing the order. I was trying to assign to work to SweetSophie-11. She has been working on my assignments until now.

Gender Inequality

Critical Thinking, English, 6 pages

My essay was poorly written. it doesn't even make sense. a lot of grammatical errors and it was barely 5 pages when it was requested 6

Human resources

Case Study, Management, 3 pages

very good and quick
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Great client ever on this site.Welcome back for more quality papers.Thank you

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Assignment, Management, 1 page

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Great client welcome back for more quality papers.Thank you


Other, English, 2 pages

She does great work and responds very fast when corrections are needed.
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Great client ever! welcome back for more quality papers.Thank you

Public Relations Measurement

Other, Public Relations, 3 pages

great and fast writer.

Rough Draft Qualitative Research Critique and Ethical Considerations

Assignment, Nursing, 4 pages

The writer got the work done ahead of schedule. Would highly recommend.
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Excellent client .Welcome back for more quality papers


Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page

I need another

mental health

Essay (Any Type), Nursing, 1 page

Not specific to me as a health care assistant in a hospital setting lay out the heading not as I wished

HUM101 & BIO140

Essay (Any Type), English, 5 pages

I assigned a specific writer

What does it mean, to you, to read as a writer?

Assignment, Other, 1 page

I got what I needed! thank you for your great work
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Excellent client to work with welcome for more papers.Thank you

Read Instructions

Assignment, Healthcare, 2 pages

Very professional and kind! Thank you!

Pathophysiology of Pediatric Pediatric Neuroblastoma

Research Paper, Medicine and Health, 7 pages

Does not follow directions. So frustrating.

PDP assessment

Coursework, English, 5 pages

Thank you

Soft Skills in Education

Research Proposal, Education, 15 pages

Concerns about the writer not speaking English as a first language.


Essay (Any Type), Other, 2 pages

Great essay. Just what I needed!

Ted Talk - Examining a theme′s development in Hamlet and how it reflects the media

Presentation or Speech, English, 2 pages

does not know how to write anything!!!!!

My dream career/Doctor

Essay (Any Type), English, 1 page

The essay that received was poorly written I had to correct the sentences that were written some of the sentences didn't make any sense I'm almost sure English is not the first language bottom line I'm not using this essay I waist my 14 bucks for nothing

Why Students Shouldn′t Have Homework

Creative Writing, Other, 2 pages

Didn't upload on-time

Reading Response Paper

Assignment, English, 2 pages

The writer did a poor job of formatting and following the assignment instructions. The language used was hard to follow and the sentences did not flow together at all.

Act of Union

Research Summary, History, 2 pages

I chose the wrong deadline for my paper.

Spare Parts

Book/Movie Review, Other, 2 pages

Didn't receive a good grade.

Read Instructions

Critical Thinking, English, 8 pages

They should be easily reached from the customer.


Critical Thinking, History, 9 pages

shes great!

Cell Phone Design Process

Business Plan, Management, 3 pages

Writer notified me that she has personal personal issues and cannot complete my assignment.

Strategy & Competition

Critical Thinking, Economics, 2 pages

very good work within a short period of time

Using psychological and sociological principles, explain what makes watching a sporting event live more valuable than watching it pre-recorded, and why this is different from most other programming.

Scholarship Essay, Sport, 3 pages

Really good essay


Other, Other, 2 pages


Coffee crisis

Case Study, Other, 1 page

Great Work
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Very nice and simple to work with!!!!!!!!!!!!!