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I am an accredited writer with all the resources and experience required to deliver a perfectly written paper. I always focus to deliver nothing other than DETAILED, EXCEPTIONAL, EXTENSIVELY RESEARCHED, GRAMMATICALLY SOUND and NON-PLAGIARIZED papers ahead of the SET DEADLINE.
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The electromagnetic field of an MRI

Other, Physics, 5 pages

In her defense, it was a physics paper, so probably one of the more difficult topics... but the facts in the paper were incredibly inaccurate, there were many grammatical errors, many sentences were slightly rephrased and then repeated throughout the paper, it didn't flow very well and I wound up spending an entire day rewriting it. So I don't know if it was really worth the money for a poorly written rough draft with false facts... guess I'll know better than to try and take shortcuts next time :/

Analyze the Statement of Cashflows for Stocks Electronic Arts & Activision Blizzard

Essay (Any Type), Accounting, 1 page

Good job

A Wicked War

Essay (Any Type), History, 3 pages

Did within a timely manner

People who do not fall in to categories built by society and cultured are considered ″others″. Using gender, sex, race and class, discuss ″othering″.

Essay (Any Type), Anthropology, 4 pages

Very Knowledgeable ! Great writer

Does technology make us more alone?

Presentation or Speech, Psychology, 2 pages

Loved it

Materialism hurts people as individuals

Argumentative Essay, Sociology, 5 pages

thoughtful and smooth train of thought, beautiful writing.

Are the social class issues in education that Jean Anyon and Pablo Freire present relevant today? If so, why has this identified problem presisted?

Thesis, English, 5 pages

Awsome writer

gender violence

Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page


Cultural awareness

Essay (Any Type), Other, 4 pages

She, did exactly what she said she would, awesome to work with..

Paralegal brief: Research and provide a case brief for Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335 (1963).

Assignment, Law, 2 pages

Good job.

Native American Art

Annotated Bibliography, American Literature, 3 pages

Great paper

Hamlet soliloquys

Essay (Any Type), Shakespeare Studies, 6 pages

she is a talented writer. #best ever had

Discussion Answer & Journal Summary

Critical Thinking, Philosophy, 1 page

Cancelled by Customer
Very bad communication. Promised 5 hours and failed to deliver in 12. Disappointed and waste of time.

US history

Assignment, History, 1 page

Amazing job

Data Analysis

Statistic Project, Other, 7 pages

She did an excellent job. She just needs to improve communication with customers

IDPs and Refugees in MiddleEast

Speech, International Affairs/Relations, 2 pages

Provide writer with examples on what you need, but overall good experience. Thanks

What are the reasons that the social contract with the civil state is the best way to protect freedom?

Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages

She can provide a paper in a short amount of time.

New Belgium Questions (Revision)

Case Study, Marketing, 1 page

Exactly what I wanted, 100% satisfied!

Read Instructions

Argumentative Essay, Other, 8 pages

Best one in my opinion. Second essay done and I'm very pleased with her

Physical Science Class (Dot to Dot Lab)

Lab Report, Physics, 6 pages

awesome job one of the best there is!

Dispositional Decision-Making

Other, Other, 2 pages

Great like always.


Essay (Any Type), Other, 3 pages

Excellent work!! Really pleased with her work and will come back to her soon.

minimum wage ARP

Other, Application Essay, 4 pages

The paper is well written and she responded to all of my questions in a timely manner. Although I did express my concern in the very beginning that at least 3 of the 5 scholarly sources required needed to come from my school's online library. She told me there shouldn't be a problem for her to gain access to the site. It wasn't until the deadline that I found out she not only couldn't get access but neglected to inform of this. I basically am left attempting to speak with my instructor to see if she can make an exception for me. Pretty disappointed that simple instructions could not be followed for the $150 I spent on it. If this had not happened I definitely would rate higher. Most likely won't use this site again and if I do I will use a different writer.


Essay (Any Type), Business, 3 pages


Poem: I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes

Research Paper, Literature, 3 pages

Completed the task in a timely manner. Chat response speed would be 8 out of 10. But would recommend.

Today, there are more and more reality shows on television. Do these shows make good television? Why or why not? Explain your answer using specific reasons and examples.

Argumentative Essay, English, 1 page

Excellent work, arrived just on time. 10/10


Q&A, Geography, 1 page

She was able to get back to me with fast responds and was able to complete my work fast

The Native lifestyle before Europeans arrived

Thesis, History, 2 pages

Thank you so much Dr Ketty. You are an amazing writer. I'll pick you in future as well.

Managerial Accounting

Coursework, Accounting, 1 page

Great writer

international business law

Essay (Any Type), Law, 1 page

it was alright