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Thesis, English Literature, 5 pages

Great guy and work

Radiology career

Other, Medicine and Health, 3 pages

Great job

Woman studies

Other, Sociology, 2 pages

good writer!

Binary Oppositions

Essay (Any Type), Literature, 3 pages

Completed assignment as requested.

Read Instructions

Assignment, IT Management, 5 pages

The writer refused to communicate with me in the end. At the beginning he asked me to reassign the assignment because he could not open the file. But then the customer officer(Jacob) asked me to send screenshots. I even did that. But the writer said he still cannot open anything and there are some technical issues in his laptop. But the customer officer said don't worry, the writer will do the assignment. But he never replied after that. This is the second time something like this happened to me at edubirdie and I'm disappointed

Mobile Doctors Proposal

Research Proposal, Business, 7 pages

I would like to thank you for your hard work Mr. A-one writer. Your work is outstanding, I really appreciate your business. I look forward to work with you again. thank you

critical essay

Essay (Any Type), Literature, 3 pages

Provided an essay with all my requirements. Essay was completed in a timely manner.

Golden Egg Executives

Essay (Any Type), Finance, 4 pages

Grammar and syntax errors, but otherwise it was appropriately written and cited according to my criteria.

Public and Administrative Law

Research Paper, Public Relations, 3 pages

very prompt!! Great work

Jonathan Kozol Amazing Grace

Other, Sociology, 2 pages

Done ahead of schedule.

Sample plan

Other, Nursing, 1 page

Compleated the paper in a timely manner. Made corrections when asked to modify. Very accommodating!

temporary art exhibition powerpoint

Presentation or Speech, Art, 6 pages

Please review the temporary exhibition and come up with a real theme with real artworks. It should be a post-graduate level museum studies presentation. The one I had before got reviewed as being high school level with no determined curatorial plan


Case Study, Medicine and Health, 5 pages

the wr is not able to do it

Why women were descriminated in Japanese Shinto religion

Research Paper, Religion and Theology, 10 pages

he is a good writer, but my paper was not on time sadly.

Read Instructions

Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page

Very good

electrical system in the power industry

Research Paper, Trade, 4 pages

Looks good thanks

Typee by Herman Melville

Assignment, English Literature, 3 pages

good job, but has to be more careful about grammatical errors

Compare an early literary work about werewolves or vampires (such as Bisclavret or the life of St. Modwenna) to a more modern tale about a werewolf or a vampire. Explain how (and why) the modern tale differs from the medieval one.

Assignment, Literature, 3 pages

Thanks again man. Ill try to contact you if i need any more work done. Have a good one.


Argumentative Essay, English, 4 pages

Ended up paying $150, just to write the essay myself. However, the writer did try to meet the expectations

Read Instructions

Other, Computer Science, 1 page

thank you for this great idea. will hire soon again!


Assignment, Law, 3 pages

thank you for the editing, completed on time

Critical analyze juvenile justice article

Assignment, Other, 2 pages

Great work and very helpful. Thanks again.

international Trade

Critical Thinking, Economics, 2 pages

The writer does not follow well the indications of how the paper should be written


Assignment, Medicine and Health, 1 page

he lost my time and did not understand clear.

Community Problem-Solving Paper

Research Paper, Criminology, 4 pages

thank you

Gun control will not effect violent crime rates

Thesis, Other, 2 pages

Did not follow instructions

Clinical updates about pneumonia patients.

Other, Healthcare, 3 pages

Very quick responds when needed , though some corrections but he able to fix it.

Ted Talk - Examining a theme′s development in Hamlet and how it reflects the media

Presentation or Speech, English, 2 pages

very good :)

Should career counseling be mandatory in the first year of college

Argumentative Essay, English, 4 pages

Too many paper working on might not get mine done

Supernova and antimatter in the Milky Way

Research Summary, Astronomy, 1 page

the writer did an awesome job on my essay.