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Marketing Plan Project for Sony Malaysia -

Assignment, Marketing, 14 pages

Basically the writer has fulfilled 70% of the criteria in the assignment. I guess I should review it as I am the one who attended the course. I could not expect 100% from the writer. So I am OK with the outcome with limited time.

Terrorist Activity in Israel

Research Paper, Criminology, 8 pages

great work

LASA Projects

Assignment, Psychology, 2 pages

Thank you so much

NASW code of ethics

Coursework, Other, 3 pages

She did an exemplary job well ahead of schedule!

How the War on Drugs is failing

Research Paper, Other, 5 pages

Excellent! Will order from again! Highly Recommended

Discuss the ideas developed by the text creator in your chosen film about ways in which an individual′s resilience in influenced by self discovery

Critical Thinking, English Literature, 3 pages

had to a couple of revisions before getting the final copy but good overall

Strategic Insight and Analysis

Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 8 pages

Good as usual

. The Discussion provides you with an opportunity to think about your skills in the above areas, to explore strategies for successful online learning, and exchange strategies with your colleagues

Assignment, Nursing, 2 pages


Case study analysis

Case Study, Management, 9 pages

Alot of reworks done with this writer but they got there in the end.

Long & short term goals and introductory essay

Essay (Any Type), Other, 2 pages

The current essay over qualifies my skills as well as it is more linked into the financial sector which I have never worked in.

Risk analysis

Case Study, Business, 4 pages

Very good writer understands the assignment and deleviers great work

Coins (flexible on topic, writer can choose a better artifact)

Research Paper, Anthropology, 10 pages

beat the deadline, and was very intuitive

Network Security: Designing a Secure Network

Assignment, Technology, 2 pages

Cancelled by Customer
The writer felt she was not able to deliver on time. But I understand that she has not got the knowledge of IT Networking.

Ideal career choice

Research Paper, English, 5 pages

Great job, there were a few typos I found while reading over but it happens and it took no effort to fix

The roles of the correction officers

Assignment, Other, 2 pages

provide an excellent in a short space of time ... was courteous and professional

Animal Ethics/Animal and Human Relationships

Essay (Any Type), English, 5 pages

Completed on time and was well written. I am super happy

Drug Adverse Effect

Essay (Any Type), Nursing, 3 pages


Philosophical definitions of identity

Assignment, Philosophy, 2 pages

This writer here is one hell of a writer. She completed it way ahead of schedule and did a superb job with instructions. She understood exactly what I needed and exceeded my expectations. Will use her as often as possible.

Religious symbol paper

Research Paper, Religion and Theology, 4 pages


Gun laws

Argumentative Essay, Literature, 2 pages

Very Good, and thank you for this quick essay

Marketing Strategies & Consumer Behavior

Essay (Any Type), Marketing, 2 pages

Great work, submitted before the deadline!

Short Essay 2: Evaluative Claim (Film Review) - Go to the Movies!

Essay (Any Type), Art, 4 pages

Nice work!

Gender Identity and Psychology

Research Paper, Native-American Studies, 2 pages

Paper written & completed before the deadline, did everything exactly how asked.

Criminal investigation principles

Research Paper, Criminology, 5 pages

Completed paper before deadline and overall good quality, in my opinion. Because I still havent gotten feedback from my teacher by the time I'm writing this review.

Behavior Management related to Special Education

Research Summary, Education, 2 pages

Her writing skills were excellent however I had trouble getting the paper on time. I will use you guys in the future and recommend your services!

argue why, (despite so much supporting evidence) many people refuse to believe global warming doesn′t exist

Research Paper, Other, 6 pages

The paper was very well done, however there were some grammatical and spelling mistakes. Having said that, the paper was finished WELL before the deadline with all the sources I asked for. If you want someone to do your paper, she is the one!

Pros and Cons of GMOs

Research Paper, Biology, 4 pages

Amazing work. She finished the paper a day before it was due and had it written perfectly. Will use her again! :)

Fraternities and Collegiate Rape

Article Review, Sociology, 2 pages


ethics of internet

Case Study, Other, 2 pages

very good
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Amazing Client

critical appraisal of qualitative research

Research Paper, Nursing, 4 pages

she is really good. I have learned a lots things research writing etc.. she finished assignment before deadline.
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Great Client