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Workplace violence

Capstone Project, Nursing, 5 pages

This writer completed a paper within the deadline, but did not follow the directions and points needed to be discussed. A revised paper came again with the same information I asked to be removed. In all, unable to follow directions.

Answer the following questions:

Assignment, Philosophy, 1 page

great work! thanks!

Harrison bergeron

Argumentative Essay, English, 3 pages

writing looks good

An analysis of the social and economical problems in the Democratic Republic Of The Kongo

Other, Other, 4 pages

She was good but i felt as if she could go more in depth in some fields.

Modern history agents of change - Steve Jobs

Argumentative Essay, History, 4 pages

easy to work with :)

Book analysisTim Tebow biography (memoir essay

Essay (Any Type), English, 5 pages

Answers back and meets requirements

Establish a distinction between the popular misuses of the term ″myth″ and its meaning in the scholarly context of Religious Studies. Explain the functions of myth according to the scholar Joseph Campbell.

Essay (Any Type), Religion and Theology, 2 pages

Great job! And super fast

The Expert Fingerprint Witness

Essay (Any Type), Criminology, 2 pages

The writer did not comply well via chat. I reached out a few times with no reply, I wanted to verify that the paper was completed in it's entirety before releasing the funds but unfortunately that didn't happen and I was press for time. She only sent a "first draft" of my paper which was fine for the most part but didn't exactly follow the paper instructions.


Assignment, Advertising, 3 pages


Does Brand Advertising create and communicate cultural messages

Critical Thinking, Communications and Media, 2 pages

Difficult to rate because writer does not provide the entire paper without releasing funds in advance. The initial part of the essay is well written, however, does not necessarily follow the essay instructions.

Read Instructions

Essay (Any Type), Other, 3 pages

Easy to work with. And met deadlines early. Good work!

Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered From 21?

Assignment, History, 5 pages

good work.

Regime Types and Determinants: theories and evidence

Essay (Any Type), Political Science, 5 pages

I think she did really great job!! THX :)

Juvenile justice

Research Paper, Other, 8 pages

Great work :)

cell phones in our society

Research Paper, English, 4 pages

This writer did an excellent job. The paper was written better than expected and finished sooner then expected. I will definitely use her again if I ever need an essay written or help with one.

Should there be any limitations on the freedom of speech? Why or why not? Explain your reasoning along with specific examples.

Assignment, American History, 2 pages

Just as the prompt stated! Very well worded!

Macro Economics

Article (Any Type), Economics, 3 pages

Did good

Critical Appraisal of an Article - is chocolate healthy?

Assignment, Nutrition, 8 pages

Have used this writer once before and received good work however this time I received a shockingly bad unusable essay. They did not answer questions specified in my brief and seem to have taken many short cuts. It was very clear what they had to do but they go completely off topic. Very disappointed for $378 dollars. I feel utterly ripped off.
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I'm very sorry for this. There was a misunderstanding of the instructions. I look forward to working with you again. I assure you that you'll get plagiarism-free, high-quality papers on time.

Analytic Essay on one of the topics

Essay (Any Type), Political Science, 7 pages

Well worded argument

Healthcare IT Management

Other, IT Management, 2 pages


legalizing prostiton

Research Paper, English, 5 pages

Great work

Communication Skills for the ICT Professional

Essay (Any Type), Computer Science, 5 pages

thank you

Write an essay exploring the president’s war powers. What are they? How have different presidents exercised those powers? What are the war powers of Congress? How has Congress attempted to limit the president’s unilateral use of war powers? Explore the co

Essay (Any Type), Other, 3 pages

The paper was incredibly well written even I got lost reading it.

The Big Short Review questions

Book/Movie Review, Business, 2 pages

Good writer, great work.

barbara Kruger

Research Paper, Art, 5 pages

she is amazing

Leadership and Self Awareness

Coursework, Management, 5 pages

excellent work, will hire again..

bernie sanders

Research Paper, Other, 3 pages

There was no way I was going to finish this assignment on time with many other obligations going on. I am super impressed and very much appreciative :)

4. Mobile device technology

Assignment, Computer Science, 5 pages

great job, quickand professional

agree, disagree, or qualify the argument that Malcolm Gladwell makes in the ″Drinking Games″ about alcohol consumption in america.he ultimately makes the argument that culture is a more powerful tool in dealing with drinking than medicine, economy or

Argumentative Essay, Other, 3 pages

Great essay was very fast in the amount of time that was given notice. Thank you for doing a good job

HRM in Global Context

Essay (Any Type), Business, 3 pages