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I am a highly professional and skilled academic writer. I guarantee 100% ORIGINAL and HIGH QUALITY WORK. An A + is a promise. I specialize in theoretical frameworks of any kind: Computer, Economics, Philosophy, Literature et cetera. I am proficient in numerous academic writing styles and their related formatting: APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and IEEE. I enjoy helping students with their assignments and coursework so much. I look forward to working with you. Thank you.
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compare and contrast

Assignment, English, 3 pages

didn't get what i wanted

Plate Techtonics

Lab Report, Geology, 1 page

Instructions were followed. There were a few grammatical errors. Overall good paper.

Read Instructions

Essay (Any Type), Other, 4 pages

The writer rejected the work

Scarcity of Economics

Essay (Any Type), Economics, 5 pages

the wr is not able to do that

Nursing should not borrow theories from other disciplines

Critical Thinking, Nursing, 2 pages

Thank you


Assignment, Philosophy, 1 page

She said she will give me perfect paper. And I want her to revise it, but she said it will be over page but i paid only 1page so she cannot. She didnt answer still now. Her grammar is totally worst. It is not Platinum quality. I paid extra money for quality but her paper quailty is so so bad and wrong grammar . i am non native speaker so hard to revise correct grammar and she got wrong direction in this page. Not specific and no cited but she just copy the textbook materials. It is not creative writing.

Effect of improved water source availability on life expectancy globally

Statistic Project, Biology, 7 pages

Wanted better writer

The Effects of Cellphone Addiction on Adolescents grades/academic Outcome

Term Paper, Psychology, 3 pages

Doesn't speak well in English

Soft Skills in Education

Research Proposal, Education, 15 pages


financial report

Statistic Project, Accounting, 12 pages

No writer will take it on

Why Native American mascots are offensive

Essay (Any Type), Native-American Studies, 3 pages

Good paper

Houston TX

Research Paper, English, 9 pages

Really well written. A few grammatical and sentence errors but nothing I couldn't fix and turn in

Grand Nursing Theorist Jean Watson

Article Review, Nursing, 2 pages

Exactly what I need, and very timely!
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Nice client

The Pantheon

Creative Writing, History, 3 pages

Very quick. Thank You

Final Paper

Other, Other, 5 pages

Very good writer will use her again in the future

Select an article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal regarding an EBP process or implementation

Assignment, Nursing, 3 pages

not my assigned writer

3D printing

Research Paper, Other, 6 pages

Very fast and quality work! Highly recommend!

probability n Hume

Assignment, Philosophy, 1 page

Great Work! Thank You. I loved that my paper was completed before the due date.

philosophical views of the Sophists

Essay (Any Type), Philosophy, 2 pages

Great paper. Fast results. Thank you.

Subjective Truth, Inwardness, Kierkegaard

Critical Thinking, Religion and Theology, 3 pages

The paper was amazing, and exactly on point. Thank you. I will be using her again.

Microsoft Excel 2013

Assignment, Other, 1 page

This writer Prof Abby told me to kindly find another writer I don't know the reason wy she or he told me that

What aspects of Realism rebelled against the perceptions and beliefs of the Romantics? How did Realism manifest itself in the paintings of Kollwitz, and Courbet, and the novels of Dickens and Flaubert?

Essay (Any Type), Other, 5 pages

writer requesting later deadline

Capital Investments in Emerging Markets

Research Paper, Accounting, 6 pages

I love my paper. Thank you

An analysis of models of learning preference

Assignment, Education Theories, 2 pages

I want Destiny as writer

international trade and logistics

Other, Management, 1 page

she does not answer to my messages

Progressivism: Where Will You Put Your Million Dollars?

Essay (Any Type), American History, 2 pages

Very well written, followed instructions very well!

Redemption in The Kite Runner

Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages

Many Grammatical Errors and sentences that don't make sense.

Restructuring Company X

Essay (Any Type), Other, 4 pages


Managing conflict in an organization through communication

Article Review, Other, 2 pages

Asked if I could receive my order on the 30th instead of june 2. Her reply was to "wait for deadline"


Assignment, English, 1 page

Great work. Thank you for the help