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As a writer, proficient in several disciplines of academic writing, my priority is to deliver quality and timely work.Be assured that I will always follow the laid down instructions . You can trust me to deliver well researched and scholarly papers.Welcome!!!
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are victims of childhood sexual abuse more likely to engage in sexual activity at earlier ages than non abused

Research Proposal, Sociology, 10 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Horrible writer.I ordered research proposal and she sent me paper that was 81% plagiarized. When I told her that this is really unprofessional , she said: "Stop cheating". I can believe that she is almost 5 stars rated.Study Moose, you should look who is working for you, because this definitely not premium quality writer.Such a shame.

Speech Analysis

Speech, Communication Strategies, 1 page

Very good work, ahead of schedule.

Managing organizational change in global organizations

Research Proposal, Company Analysis, 5 pages

I gave 5 different sources but she picked 3 not that important ones and forgot writing about the main theories and didn´t apply to the case. Good English though.

Why do people climb Mount Everest?

Annotated Bibliography, English, 5 pages

Excellent writing, was able to finish paper in such a short timeframe/deadline.

critical response 7

Other, Pedagogy, 2 pages

First writing was more of a summary than critical thinking, however the second response was much better. Awaitng the professors comments

Vehicle pursuits and Emergency Response

Research Paper, Law, 3 pages

Some grammar errors.

Identify and analyse the extent to which digital natives are exploiting the opportunities for higher learning provided by digital technologies.

Research Paper, Business, 6 pages

good paper

How do the themes of inequality, rights and justice help us to understand whether it is just for states to control their borders?

Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 6 pages

There is parts of the essay that look like they were copied and pasted from the material I uploaded to writer... I asked for re write and this was still bad I deliberately with held 50% of payment until it was sorted but when I logged in today I see the full payment was given without my approval so what can I do?? scam

critical response 6

Critical Thinking, Pedagogy, 2 pages

Good job so far. Finish way before the deadline. Thanks

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Book/Movie Review, English, 1 page

Great work

Propaganda and mass rallies

Q&A, History, 1 page

Good written works

Left handedness in a Right Handed World

Research Paper, Other, 11 pages

Works well under minimum hours.

Women′s development in society

Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages

Did a very great essay

compare and contrast between single and married

Essay (Any Type), Other, 3 pages

i wasn't expecting for it to be written so soon.

Black on black crime in Chicago

Essay (Any Type), Other, 6 pages


Class and Individual Characteristics of Fingerprints

Essay (Any Type), Criminology, 3 pages

Prof. Lisa was very professional and prompt! I will be using her again at my desperate times :)

Journalism and covering difficult topics

Other, Other, 6 pages

It was good, a little rushed, but good

Compare and contrast the lives of Shaka Zulu and Peter the Great of Russia. Included will be an evaluation and background of each monarch′s societies and their rise to power. Also, discuss each monarch′s innovations, transformations, and failures.

Research Paper, Other, 8 pages

Good Job.

School incentive programs

Argumentative Essay, Other, 5 pages

Lack of communication

Qualities of an effective leader

Research Paper, Business, 8 pages

Good writer. Responds fairly quickly. Would recommend to someone else.

Compare and contrast ideas about statecraft described in Machiavelli’s The Prince and Erasmus’s Education of a Christian Prince.

Essay (Any Type), History, 4 pages

Made a lot of mistakes and wouldn't respond on time. She responds like once in 4 hours and it's usually a short response too

Landscape Photographer

Essay (Any Type), Other, 8 pages

Was happy to get it few days before the dew date. Great paper

History/Social Science Competency Essay

Coursework, History, 5 pages

extremely helpful towards what I was looking for! Definitely will recommend this writer :)

follow this by watching a PBS documentary about the role of money in election campaigns: “Big Sky, Big Money”

Q&A, Other, 5 pages

great work

Proposal Methods

Research Proposal, Psychology, 2 pages

Paper was good but not accurate

response paper

Other, English Literature, 2 pages

well written and on time

Read Instructions

Essay (Any Type), Other, 10 pages

She did a wonderful job on my ten page paper. I recommend her to any individual. I receive the paper before my due date which was great. I'm so thankful


Research Paper, History, 5 pages

Numerous grammatical errors. Doesn't seem to have much effort put into it.

foreign interference

Essay (Any Type), Other, 2 pages

Overall great job. Was on time way before the deadline

Medical Ethical issue

Content (Any Type), Application Essay, 4 pages

She did great!!! Finished it before due date!! Great paper !!