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Ayn Rand′s Atlas Shrugged

Scholarship Essay, Business, 3 pages

Okay, but not nearly as good as they advertise it to be. Probably won't use this service again, nor will I recommend it to any peers of mine.

Standardized New Hire Orientation

Research Proposal, Nursing, 10 pages

Cancelled by Customer
Absolutely DO NOT use this writer. The grammar/spelling was the level of a 6th grader. The paper did not cover the topic that I requested but rambled on about completely irrelevant, generalized statements. There is absolutely no way this writer is anything close to a "Dr." Also, pretty sure the writer barely speaks English.

Gender Pay inequality in Canada

Argumentative Essay, Anthropology, 4 pages

failed my university paper because of this writer. Do not recommend for anybody else. Really disappointed and would want a refund on this poorly written essay that was marked a 40%

Nutrition and Health

Research Paper, Nutrition, 3 pages

Good for the most part. Kinda got away from what the rubric was saying but it'll be easy to modify just a bit.

It′s sort of a continuation of the other essay of mine you did (annotated bibliography)

Research Paper, English, 4 pages

Sources weren't quoted in the essay but nonetheless, Clare's an excellent writer. Much better quality than other writers on this site.

Business Research

Essay (Any Type), Business, 2 pages

Great paper.

Disneyland′s lack of human resources which is part of symptom of toxic management and how it relates back to HRM (Organizational behavior) course concepts to understand why this problem is occurring

Critical Thinking, Management, 5 pages

Wasn't what I was expecting but they kindly revised my paper a few times before expecting it


Creative Writing, Other, 3 pages

Did a well job I recommend this writer to anyone

Capitalism and Racism

Essay (Any Type), English, 6 pages

she was very nice and got it on time!

5.2 Quantitative Critical Analysis (Critique) Critical analysis and critique are going to be used interchangeably in this course. Please note the example and the chapter supplemental material as well as view the grading rubric for the critique. This mu

Article Review, Nursing, 4 pages

Prompt and on time.

create a solution for a situation in work place

Essay (Any Type), Psychology, 7 pages

very kind and speed service... she changed few things in very short time...


Research Paper, Political Science, 3 pages

great work!

The American revolution or the Civil war or The Market revolution

Annotated Bibliography, History, 5 pages

Dr. Clare was very professional and super fast. I highly recommend.

Federal Law Enforcement

Annotated Bibliography, Criminology, 2 pages


Inquisitorial and inquisitorial

Research Paper, Sociology, 3 pages

pleasant work

Find an episode from a television show or film with an ethical dilemma. You must demonstrate knowledge of two theories. You argue one position, Then you a critics position and argue for another theory , Lastly you explain why the critic fails

Other, Philosophy, 5 pages

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great client

Falls prevention

Coursework, Nursing, 2 pages

great job

Why do people take supplements in recreational sport

Dissertation, Sport, 8 pages

Unfortunately i did give a very short deadline but I am very happy that the writer was able to get it done within that short period.
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great client, welcome for more papers

′′The things they carry′′ analytic essay

Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages

Cancelled by Customer
didn't work correctly, I assigned her something and she gave me the poorest job with a lot of time ahead to make it a good paper.

Aviation Internship

Essay (Any Type), Aviation, 1 page

Thanks did a great job


Research Paper, Other, 5 pages

before deadline and exceeded expectations. great writer


Article Review, Economics, 2 pages

great service, finish the paper way before the deadline

Psychology - Research Method

Essay (Any Type), Psychology, 1 page

Good paper and before deadline!
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great client, welcome for more papers

Lowes - Lawsuit against Lowes for racial discrimination

Research Paper, Other, 3 pages

Nicely done I am happy with the results. Very great work.

Postmodern Theory in the play: ″Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe″

Critical Thinking, Theatre, 2 pages

Completed on-time, and well-written!
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great client

Reporting – Truth, Facts, Details, and Research Peer Responds

Other, Literature, 2 pages

Great paper

The Rise of Medications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Research Paper, Economics, 2 pages

Well written and amazing support!

The Shannara Chronicles

Creative Writing, English, 5 pages

Communication was ok, we did communicate to fix a few a things like word length. Editing was average, felt like the writer did rush. I do understand the writer might have many papers and they need to pump them up to make more money but in saying quality is key. Overall. average

Legal Problem Solving Questions

Case Study, Other, 5 pages

Thank you very much


Argumentative Essay, Philosophy, 3 pages

Great Job