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Thesis, Other, 2 pages

The agent failed to do what was required despite the fact that it took him 7 days.

IT and technological advances increasing productivity-office 356

Lab Report, Business, 3 pages

writer does not follow the instruction and part of work needs to be reassingn.Writer does not respond.deadline was today 12pm

Read Instructions

Assignment, Other, 2 pages

Didn't follow instructions on paper

Forum - Letter to Eleanor Roosevelt

Coursework, African-American Studies, 1 page


Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment Functional Health Pattern Assessment (FHP) Toddler Erickson’s Developmental Stage: Preschool-Aged Erickson’s Developmental Stage: School-Aged Erickson’s Developmental Stage: Pattern of Health Perception

Essay (Any Type), Nursing, 2 pages

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Art paper

Essay (Any Type), Art, 1 page

Great Paper!
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A very enjoyable customer to work with. very cooperative. I am looking forward to working with you again

Policy advocacy (write a letter advocating for policy change)

Other, Other, 1 page

Did not follow directions of the assignment.

Literacy Analysis - Psychosis and violence

Assignment, English, 2 pages


Ibsen′s Hedda Gabler

Assignment, Literature, 1 page

Great writer.

Power Point

Assignment, Business, 3 pages

had order read ahead of schedule

Human Reproduction PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation or Speech, Biology, 2 pages

he wrote an essay instead of an power point.

SLP Healthcare Delivery System in the US

Essay (Any Type), Healthcare, 4 pages

I have given writer multiple chances to correct. He became rude. Will not work with him again.

Consuming kids

Scholarship Essay, Sociology, 5 pages

Provide prior to the deadline.

Technology and Social Change

Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 4 pages

thanks for the help

Broken Spears by Miguel Leon-Portilla

Book/Movie Review, History, 3 pages

Provided essay with a less than 24 hour turnaround! Will definitely request again.
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I enjoyed working with the client, looking forward to work with you again

Develop the differences among the three theoretical approaches by applying each to the family. In each case, how do we understand a family and its operation?

Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 2 pages

Essay had to be sent back to writer to be complete as directed.
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White Box Testing

Term Paper, IT Management, 2 pages

Awesome. On time.

1. In what ways did the colonial era influence the United States of America? 2. What were some Constitutional crises from 1789 to 1865? 3. Was the Civil War inevitable? What are some of the facts supporting your argument?

Q&A, American History, 1 page

Good and fast.

financial analysis of DUKE Energy - not copied data from internet

Case Study, Management, 4 pages

Well done and worked fast

reflective democracy in the US

Content (Any Type), Economics, 1 page

Exactly what l asked for.
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It was great working with you

1865-present day

Essay (Any Type), History, 4 pages

excellent minor tweaks but everything work.

Exploring new literacies

Assignment, Education, 2 pages

It is an ok paper.

see instructions

Essay (Any Type), Literature, 3 pages

I will use this writer again.


Research Paper, Communication Strategies, 1 page

Thank you

Funnel Breaker Culture

Research Paper, Anthropology, 5 pages

Paper was written well ahead of the deadline. Met all the requirements asked and all sources cited appropriately. Would absolutely do business with this writer again.
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It was great working with the client

Poetry Essay

Essay (Any Type), Shakespeare Studies, 3 pages

Excellent writer and fast delivery
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A good person to work with

Writer′s Choice

Research Paper, Economics, 3 pages

Did a great job on handling the topic, as well as tackling the intricacies that came with the assignment. Very satisfied!
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A very great client


Essay (Any Type), Creative Writing, 2 pages

thank you sir very good paper I will use you again for next project paper.
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It was wonderful working with you, I am looking forward to working with you again.

2) What are Political Parties? What is the role that they play in the democratic electoral process in Texas? Please identify any Six issues in Texas Public Policy (Examples: Taxes, immigration law, school funding etc) and identify the policy position of t

Essay (Any Type), Other, 3 pages

He/she wrote the essay very good and answered all the questions perfectly. But didn't include a conclusion which I asked for
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I think the review was unfair