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Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page

great job

summer reading assignment

Other, English Literature, 2 pages

Listens good.

Define ″workplace diversity″. Provide a brief desсrіption of the evolution of workplace diversity over the last five decades.

Essay (Any Type), Business, 2 pages

Spent quite a bit of time editing the content. Poor use of grammar throughout the paper.

Discuss how global trade affects developing countries

Essay (Any Type), Other, 6 pages

Seemed very nice and helpful all the way
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great client to work with...welcome again

The Soup 1902 Pablo Picasso

Research Paper, Painting, 5 pages

overall the essay was good could have been better. was easy to work with and followed instructions for the most part
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great client to work with...welcome again

The Battle for Christmas (Book)

Book/Movie Review, American History, 3 pages

No communication whatsoever, didn't even start on it.

Breast Cancer

Research Summary, English, 3 pages

great writer!!!
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great client to work with..welcome again

difference in a didactic course and clinical or practicum

Assignment, Nursing, 2 pages

good writer

Discuss the Progressive Movement and how it transformed the United States.

Essay (Any Type), Other, 2 pages

I really appreciated quick response and communication I wasn't sure how the whole thing work but it was easy enough and stress free!!
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wonderful client..welcome again

Statistics in Research

Coursework, Criminology, 4 pages

the work was completed before the deadline and was done according to the instructions. thanks

(Subject is within Organizational Studies)

Research Paper, Other, 16 pages

Very good quality - good to work with. I was very pleased with the results, very good.

Commitment and Consistency pertaining to Robert B. Cialdini

Research Paper, Other, 4 pages

Excellent writer

Case Study on Treating a Teenager Having Problems

Case Study, Psychology, 9 pages

Did a great job.Thank you!

Gang leader for a Day

Essay (Any Type), Sociology, 5 pages

she did a great job. thank you. I will use again.

Illustrate how Frank Miller undermines American black and white ideologies to create a character that transcends good and evil to become Nietzches ″superman″

Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page

Great paper!

Discussion forum

Other, Education, 1 page

The assignment was good for the short notice that she had.

Interpersonal Communication

Assignment, Communications and Media, 5 pages

Thank You so much. Highly recommended!!!
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amazing client to work with

Inequality regimes, race gender & class in organisations

Critical Thinking, Business, 1 page

Very good writer and impressive job

HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray

Essay (Any Type), Technology, 3 pages

paper was done fast good work.

The History of Sports Brand Nike Inc. and how it is today

Research Paper, History, 4 pages

Thank you so much i will be back this helped me tons.

DBQ essay

Other, History, 2 pages

Well written

Essay on why I should be able to graduate early in December

Essay (Any Type), Other, 1 page

Nice work!

Inside Job

Case Study, Economics, 1 page


The Thousand and One Nights or The Ramayana of Valmiki

Book/Movie Review, Literature, 3 pages

best writer on this site in my opinion

Characteristics of being a good student

Essay (Any Type), English, 2 pages


Defending a Framework for Moral Decision Making

Essay (Any Type), Philosophy, 6 pages

Over promised, under delivered. The writer is a nice person but was overconfident. Their major did not coincide with the subject matter, but they assured the buyer that they would be able to do the assignment. They writer was given specific material and format which the buyer required. First-draft was completely off base, and after an exchange back and forth a half-baked paper was provided that was closer to what I required. The writer then asked me to submit a new order for another FOUR pages so that they could finish the paper (while charging me of course). If the writer was unable to finish the paper in the paged allotted they should have never taken up the task, only to request to be paid for more pages. I felt like i was being bait and switched. Overall disappointing experience with this service.

differences between living with other people and living alone

Essay (Any Type), English, 6 pages

Thank you

Select a non-UK company and obtain its latest annual financial reporting documents.

Essay (Any Type), Accounting, 8 pages

Great work

How to protect your computer and network from ransomware

Other, Computer Science, 10 pages

Amazing communication. Excellent quality and had no issues. Will be ordering again! Thank you so much. Saved me a lot of time.

Focusing on Interest

Other, Management, 1 page

Great work done in record time will use again