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Professor -(Phd)

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Cultural Change

Coursework, Anthropology, 1 page

Great work
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Excellent client


Assignment, Business, 7 pages

so many errors with grammar and she can not type in full english properly. most sentences do not make sens. i dont see myself getting a good grade from this.im so sorry u did try but im not happy

Buffett′s Bid for Media General′s Newspapers

Case Study, Finance, 3 pages

The writer can't handle it

Why is college so expensive?

Article (Any Type), Application Essay, 1 page

:) Finished on time

Indigenous resistance

Essay (Any Type), History, 7 pages

deadline was due 11 last night and no response was made

This is a highschool essay and its based of the book 1984 by George Orwell. Topic is ″Explain the nature of love and friendship in Oceania. How does the government control these relationships? Support your claims by describing relationships from the text″

Essay (Any Type), English, 3 pages

Pretty good after she revised it.

1-Written records of on-going reflection and, where appropriate, revision of the plan to include further development needs and solutions. (NB: Activity 4 will therefore not be complete until the end of the programme.

Assignment, Case Study, 2 pages

very bad, she was got money without my approval . this way is very bad used by her. I will send complaint to support service .

Adolescence Development

Assignment, Other, 1 page

thank you

Critically evaluate the Australia - Indonesia Trade Relationship

Research Paper, Economics, 3 pages

Amazing writer who delivered everything I asked for in a short time frame. Would recommend for anyone for anyone who requires a research paper on international trade.

International Business

Essay (Any Type), Business, 8 pages

She is a good writer and is adaptable. You can ask her whatever you want, she will help you. Very good

Summary and Response Agency Paper

Critical Thinking, English, 3 pages

love her!!! really good writing and give excellence service.

Read Instructions

Essay (Any Type), Communication Strategies, 5 pages

Cancelled by Customer
I was so disappointed by this writer. She did half of my assignment, didn't even read instructions, then didn't speak to me at all, missed the due date, and wrote it myself. Do not hire if you're serious about getting a good grade. Grammar and sentence structure also very poor. :(

Book report on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Other, Education, 2 pages

Very good

Masculinity as Homophbia

Essay (Any Type), English, 4 pages

Written with very high quality,, deserves a try. I would highly recommend

Technology and social isolation

Research Paper, English, 2 pages

Great and fast work. Highly recommended!

personal statement/letter of motivation for master′s degree in computer science

Admission Essay, Computer Science, 2 pages

a lot of room for improvement in my letter, feels a bit rushed.

The olympics and Illegal substances- Steroids

Research Paper, Sport, 2 pages

Excellent work ! Thank you

Sugary Cereals

Argumentative Essay, English, 2 pages

Very easy to work with and the essay should get me a good grade.

Argumentative strategies

Research Paper, English, 1 page

Great Job, completed early!

Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography

Assignment, Other, 4 pages

Very quick and polite, I would recommend!

infulanza growth in eggs

Lab Report, Medicine and Health, 3 pages


Immigrants Arriving in New York City

Essay (Any Type), History, 2 pages

Great writer! Did my paper in less than 4 hours. Highly recommend. :)

oryx and crake

Essay (Any Type), Other, 3 pages

Reading over the paper I found some errors. I felt as if it was not proofread or rushed.

Work in conservative system

Essay (Any Type), Physics, 3 pages

Really good essay, recommended for everyone

The importance of email and mobile phones in the network and computer security field

Research Summary, Computer Science, 14 pages

I was initially worried due to the amount of negative reviews. I hired this writer anyways. My review is below: Tons of grammar mistakes, poor usage of words (IE: kept writing "In additional ..." instead of "In addition, ..."), some sentences were incomplete. Overall the quality was not bad. The writer finished ahead of schedule. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WHAT THIS WRITER WRITES! PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD!

Why Islam is the fastest growing religion?

Research Paper, Religion and Theology, 2 pages

Great work Thank you so much!


Coursework, Communications and Media, 2 pages



Term Paper, Economics, 13 pages

A regrettable choice. quantity is good - quality is b-a-d. Summing it up, she isn't fair & did not respond to my concerns. My advice is to keep looking so you get your $$$'s worth.

Eulogy for Kanye West

Speech, Literature, 1 page

Highly Recommended

Fundamentals of Computing

Other, Computer Science, 2 pages

Did it before deadline and everything looks alright