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A student’s knowledge and understanding of some subject cannot be measured through exams only. In order to get more insight into students’ level of knowledge, academic writing skills, language and vocabulary skills, the ability to develop an argument, professors, and teachers rely on essays. The essay doesn’t just show the way you developed an argument, it enhances problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Everybody needs help with essays from time to time, regardless of your grades. Below, you’ll find out everything you need about essay help resources.


Essay Help Scope

Essay help involves assistance with different stages of essay writing. This type of paper is a good method to embed all the facts and figures about different topics and, thus, gain more knowledge. Essay writing stimulates the cognitive functions and increases intellectual development. It also proves to be a great practice for the final examination and promotes skills that a student can use to find a job and achieve career goals after the education stage is over. Let’s not forget that essay writing play a big part in the academic score.

Due to all things mentioned above, it’s easy to conclude that essay is more important that we think. Writing a great essay isn’t the most difficult task, but it’s not that simple either. Essays require patience, dedication, and thorough research. This isn’t a type of task that one can complete in an hour, it requires more time. When you’re a student, you don’t need too much time to dedicate to one assignment only. This is where Essay Help steps in; it provides essay writing, editing, proofreading, and tutoring services.

Essay Help scope extends to providing a multifaceted approach toward better essay writing, but it can also serve as assistance with some particular essay stage or problem. In other words, Essay Help is highly customizable; a client is the one who determines what kind of services he/she wants. This helps students get much-needed help for the best grades, and they improve their own writing skills at the same time. 

The Essay Help’s domain is to provide guidance and prevent common pitfalls, but it doesn’t pressure you into leaving personal information, the essay you upload, or anything that jeopardizes your privacy.

Types of Essay Help

The term Essay Help probably associates you with a writing service only, but it’s more than that. Students, regardless of their school or current level of education, can benefit from the Essay Help in many ways. You are in control of the assistance you want and there are plenty of options to choose from. We can categorize Essay Help based on the communication mode, pay, essay type, level of education, and topic. Below, you can see the basic rundown of each type.

By Communication Mode

In terms of the manner of communication, we can divide the Essay Help into categories such as interactive and non-interactive.  Each of these types also has sub-categories. When it comes to actual websites, StudyFAQ.com is the platform where both types of interaction are available.


The interactive communication mode refers to different manners or interacting with tutors and other users on the platform. The interaction can be live or non-live.

  • Live

This feature involves:

Live tutoring – instant help for all questions ranging from writing struggles you may have to getting assistance with the topic. It’s enough to enter your email address, submit your question, select the subject, number of sessions, and briefly explain your needs. Once you click the Get support now button you’ll start receiving quotes from tutors. A client is the one who chooses the tutor i.e. accepts their bids and the learning process starts. The platform has more than 1000 tutors specializing in different stages and it is available for students of all levels.

Questions & answers – besides learning experience with a tutor, users can also use this practical feature. Questions and answers section works like a forum, a place where you can ask anything you want and get answers immediately. Before you post a question, scroll down to see whether someone already asked something similar. The StudyFAQ has a database of almost 5k questions posted by students

Live chat – customer service is available 24/7 and ensures you get much-needed assistance immediately

Online classroom – StudyFAQ allows students to choose their tutors, as mentioned above, but one of the most useful features is the ability to pay per lesson if you enroll in the paid program


  • Non-Live

The non-live aspect of interactive communication features the tutoring dashboard on the above-mentioned StudyFAQ website. Before you go on and post a question or hire a tutor, use the available resources regarding writing and homework help to get all the answers you need. You can also use these resources to improve your writing skills and get inspired to start working on your essay


The non-interactive mode focuses on the use of writers, editors, and proofreaders for assistance with essay writing process.

Essay Writers – educated, skilled, knowledgeable, and talented writers can write the whole essay from scratch or help with a specific stage, it’s the client’s choice. You, as a student and client, are in control of the process, deadline, and everything else that writing entails. Essay Writers are available at Edusson where 1000+ experts, native English speakers, are ready to help. All writers have gone through strict testing stages before they started working on the platform

Essay Editors and Proofreaders – look for spelling and grammar mistakes, sentence structures, word choices, references and citations, an organization of the essay, and many other parameters to ensure your paper is 100% error-free. Thanks to highly professional proofreading and editing, the essay is easy to read and understand, which is important for the grade. In terms of editing, you have the opportunity to use Edusson’s services directly or the Magic Help feature. Let’s not forget you can get a thorough analysis of the paper on RobotDon website which also evaluates the essay for plagiarism, grades it, and provides useful tips and tricks help you make it better

By Pay

Essay Help provides different services and levels of assistance that enhance user experience. Students choose the ideal help option based on their needs and preferences. Besides the communication mode, Essay Help services differ by pay and they fall in either free or paid category.

Free – you can get assistance with your essay without spending a fortune, although it seems impossible. A vast majority of services that provide assistance with essays are way too limited and expensive to be taken seriously or used for better grades. When it comes to free essay help, several options are available, such as:

  • RobotDon – essay analysis, plagiarism checker
  • Magic Help – get inspired with the help of essay ideas and examples
  • StudyFAQ – ask the community of users a question about essay writing or a topic and wait for them to answer or you can engage and help someone else
  • Edusson – an impressive database of helpful articles and essay samples

Paid – while many Essay Help services have a “free” option, more advanced assistance is paid. Don’t worry; prices are affordable and we can easily say the best on the market. The most prominent “paid” service is Edusson, where a student can hire one out of more than 1000 writers to compose an essay based on the provided information.

Edusson also provides editing and proofreading assistance. The price won’t come as a shock because the website features a calculator where you can see how much you’d have to pay per assignment based on topic, deadline, and page count. Besides Edusson, RobotDon and StudyFAQ also have a paid feature, more advanced help whenever you need to take your writing to a whole new level.


By Essay Type

We can divide Essay Type services according to the type of paper you need. Each of the essay categories listed below is written by writers who specialize in writing this particular paper. This only ensures the efficacy and quality of the essay you receive. Your essay helper will thoroughly research and write the paper from scratch. Let’s take a look at all the categories:

  • Argumentative Essay Help – the goal of the argumentative essay is to investigate the given topic, collect information, develop an argument, and support your claims with solid evidence. It’s one of the most common essay assignments primarily because it allows teachers and professors assess your knowledge and skills from different angles. Argumentative Essay Help focuses on creating an outline, research, developing an argument, finding accurate sources and evidence to compose a high-quality essay that is bound to impress your lecturer. Argumentative essay is as strong as evidence you use to support an argument, and with Essay Help, the process becomes easier. Besides the writing and editing services, one can also find outline, sample, title ideas, and more
  • Persuasive Essay Help – we can compare persuasive essay to the closing arguments during some trial, the aim is to convince the jury (in this case reader) to believe you and persuade them to adopt your viewpoint regarding some subject. Similarly to the essay type discussed above, the strength of evidence and discussion you develop matter the most. Persuasive Essay Help involves writing and editing or proofreading the text, learning how to create an outline, generating topics, going through samples etc.
  • Compare & Contrast Essay Help – this type of a paper explores both similarities and differences between two ideas or subjects. Compare and contrast essay also clarifies common misunderstandings, uses evidence, organizes both similarities and differences in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. Although it seems incredibly easy, this paper doesn’t revolve around listing things that two subjects have (or don’t) have in common, it provides a deeper analysis. Essay Help comes handy through the generation of title ideas, editing, proofreading, writing, learning how to improve writing skills etc.
  • Narrative Essay Help – the author of this type of paper narrates the story that is usually non-fictional and revolves around the writer’s personal development. Unlike in other forms of essay writing, it’s acceptable to use the first person when working on this assignment. The narrative essay lets an author get his/her point across through a story, but it can be a major source of confusion because most people tend to identify it with short stories. Narrative essay isn’t a short story and the Essay Help prevents you from missing the subject. Services include writing, editing, proofreading, learning, getting ideas, you name it
  • Expository Essay Help – the primary objective of this paper is to expose or inform the reader about a certain idea while using evidence to show your information is accurate. An expository essay is a demanding task whose successful completion depends on the outline and the ability to do research and explore the subject. Essay Help, like with other forms of essay, focuses on editing and proofreading services, writing services, and self-help services
  • Personal Statement Essay Help an inevitable part of admission material in different levels of education. Basically, the personal statement is the most important part of your application due to the fact it informs the admission committee about your qualifications, personality, motivation necessary to fit perfectly into some program. Nervousness about whether you’re going to get accepted or not prevents you from focusing on your personal statement, but Essay Help comes to the rescue. Our writers can create an impeccably written personal statement for different levels of education, the statement will impress any admission officer who reads it. You can also get your personal statement edited
  • Research Paper Help – while writing a research paper, an author reflects their position on the topic and persuades readers in its truthfulness and accuracy. Contrary to the common belief, research paper doesn’t only involve looking for “stuff” on Google and including them in your essay. This paper requires more time, work, effort, and amazing organizational and researching skills. As a student, you don’t have enough time to do all this work, but with Essay Help, it can be easier and faster. Get your essay written or edited for you, or use self-help resources to enhance writing skills. Improve your paper. Raise your grades!
  • Writing Assignment Help – one can get assistance and tutoring for different kinds of writing assignments, not just essays. Academic life revolves around having to write different kinds of papers such as biographies, reviews, projects, reports and our writing/editing services can help you. Let’s not forget you can always, regardless of the assignment, use RobotDon to check the quality and uniqueness of your work. Or maybe you can ask a question at StudyFAQ, services are numerous, you just have to choose the one that fits your needs the most
  • Book Report Help – a common assignment in every stage of education. The purpose of a book report isn’t to summarize the plot only, but show the understanding of the work, your ability to analyze and critically evaluate the content, and so much more. The Paper Guide is an amazing source of essays, infographics, and study guides for a multitude of books. This can help you compose your book report easily. RobotDon steps in to evaluate the quality of your work, but you can also opt to hire a writer on Edusson to help you write or edit book report
  • Descriptive Essay Help – teachers and professors usually assign descriptive essays to encourage students’ ability to create a written account of some experience. This type of essay allows a great deal of artistic freedom, but it can be overwhelming for some students who are still trying to find out how to express themselves. Overcome with this barrier and hire a writer who will compose a perfect descriptive essay for you
  • Creative Writing Help – students develop their power of expression, empathy, and critical reading and thinking through creative writing. There are different types of assignments that involve creative writing and it only intensifies the need for proper assistance. Services you can use to improve your creative writing include: Paper Guide to understand literary works through different angles, StudyFAQ to get a tutor or answers to your questions, Edusson’s writers, editors, and proofreaders who will help you compose your paper, and RobotDon to check the quality of work you complete

By Level

Essays and other written assignments are assigned to students throughout their academic life. That’s why we can divide essay help to different types according to the level of education. Let’s take a look at the basic rundown:

  • Elementary School – this stage of education is incredibly important due to the fact it builds a foundation where knowledge and skills are developed. The stronger the foundation, the easier it gets to improve and learn more. Essay Help services introduce longer form of writing to elementary students and prepare them for more demanding tasks later on. Writers can compose excellent essays that students can use to learn how to write an essay on their own. Editing and proofreading service enable a child to learn from their own mistakes. Tutoring at StudyFAQ is the perfect opportunity for students to get an online helper and improve writing skills
  • Middle School – the most common assignments in middle school are expository and narrative essays. In this stage of the education, essays become more engaging and stimulating, thus generating more interest and motivation. Essay Help services aren’t the “way out” or tricks you can use to avoid working on these assignments. Instead, platforms that provide essay help allow you to correct common mistakes so you avoid repeating them when you start high school and college
  • High School – at this point essays become more demanding, require a deeper insight into the subject, and there’s a certain quality level they have to meet. High school is also the time when students step up their prepping for college. As a result, you can’t spend too much time on one assignment because it would jeopardize the other. Essay Help services, from tutoring to essay checking, simplify the writing process and allow you to finish faster
  • College Admission (Introductory undergraduate) – you’re done with high school and getting ready to start the new chapter of your life. Congratulations! College admission essays or personal statements are your ticket to higher education. To impress the admission committee it is necessary to make your college admission essay stand out. Hiring professional essay help services is the best way to meet all the requirements, submit a high-quality paper, and impress the committee

By Topic

Essay help can involve a wide array of services, it doesn’t revolve around writing only. For example, you can hire a writer to write a whole essay or help you with one specific area that you find frustrating. You can also get help from professional editors and writers or use self-help resources for many other processes too. For example:

  • Brainstorming – the process of writing the essay involves the need to brainstorm (A LOT) in order to come up with a title, approach, or anything else you have to prepare before you start writing the paper. The Magic Help is an excellent choice because the platform contains a vast database of topics and samples that are bound to boost the brainstorming process
  • Outlining – while essays are truly complex, it’s possible to make the process less demanding by creating a perfect outline. Every type of essay should follow a specific outline that serves as guidance to writer. Visit the official website of Edusson, head to the Self-Help Resources drop-down menu and select outline of an essay type you need
  • Structuring – when the structure is good, the essay is good too. In order to help you improve structure of your essay, you can go to the How-to write section in the self-help menu. Also, writers and editors can aid the structuring process too. Another way to improve the “spine” of your essay is to use RobotDon which analyzes the text and its structures and displays tips and tricks you can use to improve the score
  • Editing / Proofreading – a major mistake that students repeat is that they finish writing an essay and send it to their teacher or professor immediately. The paper has to be polished first and you need professional help to do so. Edusson built a community of skilled and experienced editors and proofreaders who can make your essay error free faster than you think. For all do-it-yourselfers there’s RobotDon who identifies your mistakes and shows how to fix them
  • Citations – without evidence, quality of essay doesn’t meet required standards. Every piece of evidence you include or information you take from some source has to be included into the references section. Improper citation is one of the primary culprits why someone’s paper is considered plagiarized. You can learn how to cite properly at Edusson’s website. Editors can also correct mistakes with citations


Job to get done

As seen throughout this post, Essay Help can help you in many ways. Improve your paper. Raise your grades! And avoid stress! It’s easy when you know where to seek assistance. Here are many jobs that these services can do.

  • Improve your Paper – regardless of the type of assistance you choose: a helper (writer or editor) or self-help option, the quality of your paper will improve immensely. You’ll know different tips and tricks that make a huge difference in your content. Not only will your essay contain strong structure and solid evidence but it will also be error-free

Raise your GPA (grade) – essays play a significant part in your GPA. In fact, improving the quality of your paper is the easiest way to boost your grades and make it easier for yourself to get into any program you want

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