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How it works?

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Fill in the form

Specify your assignment or a section of your essay

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Select a tutor

A tutor will return your paper as a .doc file with text comments about choice of arguments, organization, style, etc.

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Great suggestions lead to great results

Consider the suggestions and go on with your assignment.

* The idea is you learn from your noticing your mistakes and implement the suggestions that tutors give you.


Specify that and we will ‘Helicopter’ you the sample essay. We also provide you with a list of on-campus writing advisory services where you can discuss writing approach based on material / sample that we give you.

** The idea is that you can have a text to discuss with your on-campus tutor.

Do you need help with your creative writing?

Understanding essay questions, developing thesis statements, creating understandable and coherent paragraphs, and even planning admission essays can be tough… Do you plan to write an academic text? We can help with editing, proofreading or give an individual writing advisory as related to any kind of academic assignment

We offer you individual writing advisory

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We've built an app to help you write your essays - from thesis to conclusion.

How to use our services?

Implement suggestions a tutor gives you

Consider the suggestions and produce different types of writing from your first essay to your final dissertation.

Have a sample to discuss with your on-campus advisor

In the individual advisory your college instructor will discuss your writing approach, difficulties, etc based on your material, drafts or text samples.

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The featured guides are a great way to review what you're learning in school, college or to get ahead!

The featured guides are a great way to review what you're learning in school, college or to get ahead!