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We are an online service providing Personalised Essay Writing Suggestions. You can use this service as a mean to improve your writing skills alongside with Peer Proofreading and On-campus Writing advisory.

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Students often struggle with the basics of constructing a written argument. “Students would come to writing instructors with the critical thinking skills,” Kay Daya says, “but they didn’t understand how to put their thoughts into a structure, or vice versa.”


Annotated assignment - upload your assignment or sections to your project to the platform and select a coach. A coach will send you your paper as a .doc file with text comments giving advice about clarity, organisation, style and language.

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We are the coaching and writing advisory community. We make sure the threshold requirements are met. And let you decide which coaches are the best through browsing work history and feedback.

Project facilitators

Writing Instructors and Coaches are contributing to the website’s Labs: Journalistic Writing, Language and Composition, Academic Writing and Columns: To buy or not to buy essay, College Essay Help and Oh, write my essay for me please!, etc.

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Can I hand in the model (annotated) essay directly?

The model essay is created and annotated to form a set of suggestion for your own writing. We also guarantee that it contains NO plagiarised content. Yet, it in no way creates a finished product. If you require, you may use it as a sample and bring it to your On-campus Writing Advisory to further discuss.

We've built an app to help you write your essays - from thesis to conclusion.