We Are Starting a Bug Bounty Project Log and Announce the First Winner!

access_timeMarch 30, 2018

Hi all.

It has been a month since we started a Bug Bounty project at robotdon.com, our essay writing and editing tool. And now we are ready to make several important announcements, expand the program and announce the first winner!

All right, during this month we have received vulnerability reports from 32 persons all together. Not much, yeah? This is why we were held back from starting an official communication with all participants. Yet, it’s time to come up with the Project’s Log. Hopefully, we will be updating the Log once a week and informing about interesting submission, ideas, reward giveaways, etc.

Also, contrary to our initial design many submission came from professionals, not students. This is why we decided to take off eligibility requirements in that to qualify for a contest a report must come from a student. IMPORTANT NOTICE: now anyone can participate (students and not-students alike).

Additionally, most of you have sent vulnerability reports BOTH for robotdon.com and edusson.com (our main project). This indeed is a great idea! We really liked that. And, we must tell you, some of them were really good.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: now you can submit vulnerability reports on both robotdon.com and edusson.com

Also, contrary to our initial idea, we have found that in most of you send 1-2 [minor] vulnerabilities. And due to their scope and nature they don’t fully qualify for a reward. Yet, to keep the project going AND to give more rewards we decided to amend the rewards range: now we want to give $250 – $2500 rewards. Hopefully, it will help inaugurate more winners and spur an additional interest in the Bug Bounty Program.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: reward amount amended, now we give away $250 – $2500 rewards.

Finally, we are happy to announce our first winner — Shay Shavit, a student of NED University of  Engineering and Technology (Karachi, Pakistan). Shay has pointed out to SQL injection vulnerabilities on edusson.com
Reward granted: $250

Congratulations to Shay! Keep it up!

P.S. To inaugurate more contributors to RobotRon Bug Bounty Program we decided to open a HALL of FAME. Please check may be your name is there?!

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