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Essay writing battle: Robot Don, the Essay checker, vs Cara Delevingne

OK. Are you ready for the epic essay writing battle between our essay checker robot Don and Cara Delevingne? He is going to check her essay and evaluate it. Do you think you would want to buy an essay from him after that? Let's see!

Cara Delevingne: ‘Getting Others’ Approval Isn’t the Most Important Thing’


“ I started modeling when I was 16. The odds were against me. At 5’8″, I was shorter than most girls in the business. Still, I gave it a shot, and like with most things in my life, I never gave up. [...] ”

Overall essay stats:


Thin content


Your text is in excellent condition!

Total words: 242

Watery words: 8 (3.28 %)

Words without water: 234 (96.72%)







Your text readability rate is slightly below the most comfortable level for humans.

Number of errors: 

Error:1 5 Short Sentences: ⇒

Error:2 3 Short Sentences: ⇒

Error:3 7 Short Sentences: ⇒

Error:4 3 Short Sentences: ⇒

Error:5 3 Long Sentences: ⇒



Words stuffing


Word : WORKED is found in the text 9 times. You need to reduce the density to 7 times.









Text relevance


The text motto (word vs occurrence):

work 9

like 7

ive 5

people 4

“Work like Ive People”


Language usage


Ratio of verbs used in passive voice in the text (7)

Ratio of adverbs in the text (16) - OK

Ratio of intensifiers in the text (10) -

Ratio of introductory clauses in the text (27)

Ratio of prepositions in the text (3)

Ratio of linking words in the text (54)

Ratio of complex predicates in the text (0)

Ratio of abstract adjectives in the text (0)

Ratio of long words (8) .



Summary and the Score



Gunning Fog index Score

Current index: 6.72

Index of green area: 8




FogFlesch-Kincaid readability test

Current index: 51.75

Index of green area: 90





Oh God. The essay was typed good. It uses mostly significant words / relevant language, yet needs some tuning up as regards readability (too many short and long sentences in a row), especially in the second part of it.

The word ‘work’ is used slightly too many times (reduce by 2). The core essay’s idea (by the usage of words) is “Work like Ive People”.

Yet, it probably uses too many adverbs (16 vs. 9 recommended). Importantly, it really is goes into extremes as regards Introductory clauses: 26 times vs 9 times recommended. That’s the weakest point of all.

The Readability by education level test index is 6.72. Index of green area: 8. Easy to understand by most audiences.

The Easiness of perception index is 51.75 vs 90 of the green index zone median. Complex for perception due 1) High Ratio of Introductory clauses in the text and 2) higher than average Ratio of Linking words in the text.

Don's verdict for this Essay: 8/10

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